It had been agreed that reports and updates would be circulated and read in advance – thus leaving ample time for questions and answers to track directors etc followed by corporate prayer for those involved.

Paul Stokes’ face was a picture of delight when he sheepishly asked the question “so you have all read these?”

And there was a resounding reply of “yes!”

So, there’s team work for you!!

But we cannot let this article pass without at least summarizing some of the exciting things that are happening here in the United Kingdom.

The Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance

It’s the first time that this one year intensive course has been run here in the United Kingdom, and the planning team headed up by Katy Hill is working hard to ensure its success.

Mentors have been appointed and are being trained—with Rev. Vernon Payne being responsible for their training and development.

Katy is pleased to confirm that there are now 16 students accepted on the course with two more in the pipeline.

Prayers were said for the Core Team, the mentors and students – especially for the students that they would have clear, protected minds to read and absorb the material, for blessing on the finances and for the intercession and worship teams.

Upward Challenge

Catey Morrison
Catey Morrison

Upward Challenge UK is taking place at Barnes Close within the next few weeks; the Director, Catey Morrison, reported on prayer needs.

The theme of this year’s event is 4D Human—the ‘Gateways’ section of Dunamis specifically adapted for the young people.

There is a need for finances for two young leaders who will be coming from USA. For more off-site intercession cover, Catey requested that people commit to give personal prayer cover for herself and team members.

The fellowship prayed for the event and team: especially for preparation time to be sufficient and Spirit-filled, and prayed for the young people who will be coming to the event this year and in future.

There is a deepening relationship between Barnes Close (the venue for Upward Challenge in the UK) and the team and the young people, which is very exciting.

Dunamis Tracks

Funsho Oluro
Funsho Oluro

Funsho Oluro, director of the Diaspora Track, reported that most of the difficulties which had led to the cancellation of the fourth (Healing) event have now been resolved.

The track will re-launch starting again with ‘Gateways to Empowered Ministry.’

The Fellowship prayed anointing and blessing for the team, for the raising up of intercessors, a permanent worship leader and a ‘techie’ for financial provision, especially for up–front accommodation deposits; and that the people who the Lord wants there will be released to come.

The Frampton Cotterell track (near Bristol) begins in August with ‘Gateways to Empowered Ministry’.

It’s the first UK non-residential track and will be directed by Elaine Pierpoint.

Paul Stokes, Pauline Eyles and Lynne James will be delivering the teaching. Because people will be ‘commuting in’ each day there are time constraints on the session lengths.

The fellowship prayed for a good balance of teaching, lab times and debrief, and that the Lord would reveal His kairos moments to the team. Prayers were also said regarding the relationship and authority structure with the church and minister—that they would be godly and freeing.

Finally for members of the team who are stepping into unfamiliar roles, that the Lord would anoint, equip and bless them. Space is still available on the track. Please make contact as soon as possible.

The East Midlands track has completed the first four events and is looking forward to the Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement event in September.

Elizabeth Turnbull (track director) asked for prayer to protect unity within the team and to bless new team members; for the teaching team, for the right participants to be enabled to attend and for financial provision, for a necessary change to the venue—that the transition will be smooth and for the raising up of more intercessors to serve on-site. Space is still available on the track. Please make contact as soon as possible.


Chris James
Chris James

Chris James gave feedback on the financial situation and emphasized seeing money as being translated into people who are being touched/challenged/equipped by the gospel.

Although the ministry has been through some challenging times financially, we gave thanks for the ongoing improvement and provision.

Chris also indicated that he is seeking to appoint at least a deputy who will also have a full understanding of the finances. DFBI is very much in Chris’ debt for the personal work he does for us in keeping things in order, and satisfying all accounting requirements.

Living Waters

The Leadership Team (L-R) Vernon Payne, Jacqui Clarke & Martin Pollard, (Front) Lynne James, Karen Langford & Pauline Eyles
The Leadership Team (L-R) Vernon Payne, Jacqui Clarke & Martin Pollard, (Front) Lynne James, Karen Langford & Pauline Eyles

Living Waters events have been taking place since 2011, offering intensive prayer to clients and bringing inner healing and deliverance.

Pauline Eyles gave pointers for prayer following the report.

There is a very committed and dedicated team headed by Vernon Payne. At a recent core team planning weekend time was spent examining gaps in giftings and skills, and processes needed and as a result they have restructured to function more effectively.

They will be taking time to allow the Lord to minister to their own ‘woundings and vulnerabilities’ this autumn. Because clients’ needs are becoming more complex, they have felt the need for deeper spiritual preparation between events.

There is also an intention gradually to introduce regional prayer/ministry teams initially in 3 parts of UK to cut down on travelling time needed to minister to those receiving intensive ‘one day’ prayer. The Fellowship prayed for team members and asked for the Lord’s anointing and power for them in the midst of these changes and the ongoing work.

Tower Project

The two Tower Projects continue and, although the meeting did not hear detailed reports, this is a tremendously important support in the high level intercession that we need for Kingdom advancement, so the Fellowship prayed for those called to this strategic work; for protection and for blessing for those already engaged and for those who the Lord will call into this ministry.

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