In the spring of 2009 the Dunamis Fellowship in Britain & Ireland conducted an Evangelism Dunamis at Chantmarle in Dorset, UK.

The event had only 16 attendees … plus the Holy Spirit!

We all grew in our understanding of how to co-operate with the Spirit in the work of evangelism, and saw a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit as people prayed for one another.

The Spirit arranged several divine appointments for us, guiding us to specific people and locations for conversations and prayer.

With so many in the UK Church fearful or confused about the idea of evangelism, it was great to see theology becoming clearer and confidence growing. Fear gave way to peace, and a few in the group clearly have a particular anointing for evangelism.

In a nation where the Church is in numerical decline and society is full of theological confusion, the Dunamis Project is having an impact for good. The Dunamis Fellowship in Britain & Ireland, along with GEAR (Group for Evangelism and Renewal in the United Reformed Church), are being used by God to reverse this trend and equip the Church for mission. Jesus is Lord!

Rev. Paul Stokes being commissioned as Director of the DFB&I

Rev. Paul Stokes being commissioned as Director of the DFB&I

The Rev. Paul Stokes was prayed for receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit for leadership in the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland.

Paul is the track Director for the just completed Dunamis track at the Chantmarle Manor, in Dorset, UK.

Chantmarle Manor, a 10th century Norman Manor House and grounds, has provided a wonderful context for the Dunamis Project for these three years.

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