The English South East Dunamis track is held in the beautiful setting of Otford Manor, the home of the Christian holiday organization Oak Hall.

As well as being blessed by God’s creation we are aware that the team who live and work at Otford Manor are supporting us in their prayers and this makes our venue a safe and peaceful place to be.

The teaching for the track is led by Brian Harley, a URC minister from Shanklin and also the chairman of GEAR (Group for Evangelism and Renewal within the URC).

For this event he was joined by Cindy Strickler; it was great that she was able to join us for this time.

Feedback shows how much people appreciate the Dunamis style of Bible based teaching mixed with times of practical application.

The event kicked off on the Wednesday evening with some testimonies of how God has been healing people and was an encouragement to us all:

Elaine had a hearing impairment and last Dunamis asked God to show her his glory and realized that her hearing was healed – she is now coming to terms with hearing noises with a clarity which is new to her!

Sheila had had a scan showing that a plate in her back needed some work to repair it, following prayer a further scan showed that the plate was totally fine – the hospital staff couldn’t explain it.

During the week we were challenged to both step up a GEAR and dig deeper. There were clear examples of the Lord challenging and preparing people.

The teaching was all about Jesus’ Healing ministry from the Dunamis Project. This is not just lectures and testimonies, but we move into “lab time” in which, led by the Holy Spirit, we experience Jesus actually working in our midst. It was wonderful!

During the event we were aware that God was at work healing inner hurts and relationships. There were some very precious times of ministry; both in the corporate sessions and in the times of personal prayer ministry. Some of the work that was taking place was very personal and we may never know what was happening. Some, I am sure, will lead to opportunities to share testimonies in the future.

A couple of weeks before the event was due to start, Christine Miller’s father died. Christine leads our musicians. His funeral was on the Thursday of our event and Christine reported that it was a real time of blessing and celebration (he had been a church pastor). But this left us without anyone to head up the music ministry.

Wendy Beck, who had been attending the Chantmarle track, had booked with us some months previously – offering to help with prayer or piano playing – willing to do whatever was needed. Having never led worship before she willingly stepped up into the role and led us in times of intimate and exuberant worship.

In the days ahead of the event there were several attempts to prevent folk attending: through being tired and weary; one person’s car catching fire on his drive (fortunately without him being in it); also the local electric company deciding it was going to do power line maintenance that meant no electricity to the house (fortunately they decided to do it during the day of our arrival rather then while the event took place)

Glenda Lott, heading up intercession, broke her ankle very badly a few months previously and was still struggling to get around. Martin Megarry stepped up to support her, also showing that he is now ready to head up the intercessors team in the future. Others also shared that God was challenging them to step up and we look forward to seeing how He has been at work in their lives when we next meet in October.

On Pentecost Sunday we went outside onto the terrace, joining Christians around the world for Global Day of Prayer, interceding for our nation and situations in the world. God is very good and I continue to be amazed that He takes ordinary men and women like us and chooses to work with and through us for His glory. We were reminded of this in the flower arrangement which Glenda made – incorporating both the cross of Christ and broken pots representing our damaged lives.

We look forward to moving on with God in October, Equipping for Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement – we have already been alerted by our intercessors to be on our guard and in prayer for this event.

Katy Hill – Track Director

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