It was such a blessing to be able to attend the Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Gathering 2022 in person this year!

It was such a joy to reconnect with the international fellowship, and one of the exciting things for me was the fact that we had as many people joining us online as we had in the room. Technology has truly boosted our connectivity! The other major blessing for me was the opportunity to build relationships with our Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters, which was encouraging and enlightening.

Paul Stokes

The unexpected fall of deep snow caused some interesting adventures at the beginning of the week, but thankfully we were finally able to make our way to the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. Those attending online had, I think, an easier time of getting there!

We began with a precious time of worship led by James and Nicola Nicholson (from DFB&I), accompanied by Ezra Cho (DFUSNW), Marcia Bronson (DFI), and Ivy Codington (DFI).

There was great joy in our midst as we all worshipped together and our brothers and sisters in Christ all the way from Korea really appreciated having the lyrics available in Korean as well for them to follow along with the English translation.

The Holy Spirit reminded me what it’s like to bring other people along for the journey and share in the joy of worshipping together. He also reminded me how he gave me a heart for deep relationship with others; sharing in their sorrows and burdened journeys, and rejoicing in His victory over every circumstance as He continues to make a way.

Nicola Nicholson

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer time was led by Lauren Rittman (DFI) and Meg Broste (DFAK) assisting as wing. We felt a sense of the on-site and on-line attendees blended seamlessly into one united community. Each day the themes reflected resonated throughout the day.

These themes were as follows,

  • Thursday: Join in worship of who He is; the Lord as the Shepherd, expect a treasure.
  • Friday: Hope and humility; press in slowly, camp, tarry; lots of “R” words – reignite, regenerate, reinvigorate, redeem, replenish…
  • Saturday: God is sending us invitations from the Holy Spirit to “Jump into the water;” From the Father -an invitation to “Trust”; from the Son an invitation to “Go!”

As we were having some online sharing before the start of a DFI session, I was in conversation with an online attender from Estonia, inquiring about what she faced in living out her faith in that setting.  The sharing led to an opportunity for me to pray with her. I was blessed how the Holy Spirit connects believers from different cultures and languages.

Nick Krantz

Morning Devotions

Each morning, we began with a time of reflection on Isaiah 35 given by,

  • Thursday: Roeh Todd Westphall from the Messianic Jewish stream.  Todd spoke of this prophetic word to Israel being about God’s desire to restore all things, but also a promise of the restoration of Israel; and Jesus being the core in that picture. The link to Luke 7:22, the healing and restoration found in Acts 3 was made.
  • Friday: Father Fred Close from the Catholic stream. Father Fred spoke of this being a vision in the form of a love poem about a new creation; that Isaiah 35 is a poem of everlasting remembrance in the Exodus so that God’s people will remember His mighty works; that after the travails of Isaiah 34, Isaiah 35 was a word of encouragement to the people.
  • Saturday: Pastor Gina Dick from the Reformed stream. Gina linked this to the role of leaders who have embodied God’s righteousness, justice, provide shelter, protection, and life. He gives water in harsh places of desperation. “Pace” and “Peace” Asking the questions, am I resisting God and His pace? Am I walking in peace? How do we strengthen our feeble hands?

One of the most significant things that stood out from the Dunamis Fellowship International meetings this year was our growing relationship with the Messianic Jewish Stream. While we have had representation at the DFI in previous years, it was always guests who had been invited to attend and observe. This year it felt a lot more like they were just part of the ever-growing Dunamis family.

Martin Boardman

Focus for 2022

Rev. Dr. Brad Long, PRMI’s Executive Director, shared the focus for 2022 and the role that PRMI might play in participating in a great move of the Holy Spirit that could become the Next Great Awakening.   Since the Lake George Dunamis Project in 1991, God has used  the Dunamis Project to help people discover what it means to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. The roots of the Dunamis Project go back to R.A. Torrey, an American evangelist at the turn of the 20th Century. 

Brad highlighted three essentials for revivals that spread beyond a local church:

  1. Evangelism – calling people to faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Teaching on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
  3. Praying for revival

PRMI is equipped to both participate and advance outpourings of the Holy Spirit around the world because of our 50 years of teaching people about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and leading intercessory prayer.

As the focus continues to mature, you’ll be hearing more about PRMI’s role in the Next Great Awakening.

I was overwhelmed and blessed by the online community. We had sweet times of being part of what was happening on site but also times of wonderful koinonia  in the zoom room. We shared with each other, laughed, prayed and enjoyed getting to know each other a little more each day. 

I believe the Lord deepened our commitment to Him and also each other as the Dunamis Fellowship International.  Praising the Lord for what He did in us and through us.

Janet Lammers

Other DFI highlights included:

  • The Walk of Encounter at the Community of the Cross and online. The Walk of Encounter with Jesus Christ: Holy Trinity Revives My Soul looked amazing and provided a peaceful oasis. It was prepared by Sandy Doss and Elizabeth Goodwin and led onsite in the PRMI Log House at the Community of the Cross by Laura Long, Brittnee Busse and Kay Blaisdell.
  • The Messianic Stream report by Ben Juster, President of Tikkun America given on Thursday evening. This session was followed by a time of prayer to strengthen the relationships between PRMI and the Messianic Jewish Stream and the Catholic Stream found in the language of John 17. To ask forgiveness for past hurts, misunderstandings, and rejections in the body of Christ. As One New Humanity, we prayed for unity and opportunities for us to pray, work, and witness together as the body of Christ.

Resources were presented for use in congregations and small groups which included:

  • We Have a Dream (WHAD) presented by James Kearny , Lauren Rittman and Stephanie Goodwin: Reflected the “I Have a Dream” speech of Martin Luther King Jr. God revealing His vision for a reconciled community; bringing to light Dunamis lessons as they relate to racial reconciliation.
  • Gospel Tool Project presented by Dave Westra and Gina Dick: to create a culture of discipleship in the local church.
  • Romans 911 Project presented by Grant Berry: To melt away the divisions in the Body focusing on restoration, reconnection, and realignment in one new humanity.
  •  Congregational Dunamis materials presented by Rev. Dr. James Kearny: Dunamis Project presented through short, focused videos for use in local congregations.
  • The Hospitality Room presided over by Lauren and Stephanie. Everyone had a wonderful time each evening and on Friday  evening they provided a virtual feast – the table looked incredible! I don’t think I have ever seen such a vision of loveliness!
  • Heartfelt thanks to our tech team (Adam Wilson, Jeff and Bryn Dudlets) who seemed to be permanently at the tech desk throughout the event – always the first in on a morning and the last to leave! There was an intentionality in the way we tried to integrate the online community this year; and although lessons are still being learned, I think people appreciated being able to drop in and out as time zones permitted.

Another big thank you for the  way on-site and on-line teams worked together with grace, commitment and dedication:

  • Intercessory teams (led by Matt Ferguson and Cindy Smith) to stand in the gap, and provide a safe space;
  • Personal prayer ministry teams (led by James Kearny and Joyce Barton) allowing Jesus to work powerfully through them to bring healing and restoration.
  • It was so good to conclude the event with Worship and Sacrament sensitively led by Paul Stokes and Gina Dick and for preparing us for going out!

A Call to Be Generous

Saturday morning the Youth and Young Adults in Leadership Development (YLD) presentation brought great joy and energy into the room! Lauren and Stephanie helped us understand opportunities for more active leadership roles in the future generations of rising leaders within PRMI. There was a precious coming together of the different generations in mutual love and support. Please pray for much fruit to come from this. 

To invest in the future of the rising generation of Youth and Young Adults, the work of YLD is cutting edge for PRMI. The team is leading us in use of technology and having an impact for the Kingdom of God all across the globe.

You are invited to participate in this move of the Holy Spirit by helping YLD reach a $10,000 matching gift! This matching gift will last until February 28, 2022. As of February 15, we reached $7667.55 towards our final goal!

This year I was impressed by the expansion within the DFI and PRMI. From tech team to worship leaders to youth leadership to Messianic Jewish presence to online zoom hosts and attenders and more… it is so great to see so many people not just attending, but participating, contributing in a diversity of ways to form the fellowship.

Mary Ellen Conners

My grateful thanks to all who attended and made each part of this event to be packed with blessings, insights, revelation and a growing experience. The DFI Leadership team met in February  to reflect and respond to what we have learned and how we can, with the Lord’s help, be better prepared for 2023!

Please pray for us.

With much love,

Hilary Clark

Associate Director of DFI

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