After 2.5 years in the making, the first complete advanced course in healing and deliverance to be held in the UK started at the beginning of November with a 5-day residential training event attended by 16 students.

The Course Director, Katy Hill, and her team had planned well, and the feedback from the students was very good.

Reflecting on the training event, Katy says

“It’s been quite a challenge setting this up ‘from scratch’; there were only 4 of us who had previously done the course in the States so there were lots of things to put in place including appointing and training the mentors; and adapting the USA model where necessary for a UK setting”.

The principle teachers were Cindy Strickler and Paul Stokes.

Participants in the first Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance in the UK

Participants in the first Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance in the UK

During the training week students’ time was split between the teaching sessions and praying for each other in small groups led by the mentors who coached them in best practice. In addition there was time made for morning prayer, sung worship, biblical reflection, and private prayer in the soaking room.

Jane and Alan Howcroft were students. Jane reports:

“Whilst the teaching added greatly to the foundation I had received from earlier Dunamis events, the testimonies, case studies and examples and practical sessions brought the whole thing into reality. Finally getting a chance to engage in prayer ministry, working in Jesus’ authority and seeing people set free was a definite high point for me, and confirmed that I want to see and know more.”

Now the students have to ‘knuckle down’ to eight months of self study supported by their mentors; including reading and then writing book reports on a number of relevant books; and planning and implementing a project which increases their practical application of healing prayer. There is another residential training event in July 2014 – and a commissioning and graduation event in November 2014.

The senior mentor, Vernon Payne enthused:

“It’s great to see so many people engaged in this intensive training, and from my perspective, I would love to see these students eventually join the Living Waters team (this is the UK equivalent to the Healing Week at the CoC).

Leadership Team for Advanced Healing and Deliverance - UK

Leadership Team for Advanced Healing and Deliverance – UK

This course will equip the students to better engage in the healing ministry of Jesus in a range of settings including their local church, Dunamis tracks and as members of the Living Waters team.

Katy Hill
Course Director

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