I just want to pass on a big THANK YOU from our team for to the PRMI community for coordinating the prayer and for praying. There was a sense of purpose and destiny to our being there that felt very “large.”

We all seven got along beautifully, (despite freezing weather/one toilet & shower & lots of togetherness).

Ministering into the Lives Leaders

People from all levels of leadership were drawn to our cabin and we were able to minister into the lives of leaders from all over Latin America, plus the “gringos” that are now taking over the ministry after the retirement of the couple who founded and nurtured it for the past 20+ years.


Prayer and Teaching

We did lots of prayer ministry, including two “clinics” where our house was just open and we prayed in teams for person after person, sometimes bringing other leaders alongside us.

We had lots of informal teaching times, opportunities to address the large group (around 300 total), plus teaching Gateways and Prayer as well as some of us teaching Ignite 2 at a local church one weekend.

Dunamis and Young Life

We had several very strategic meetings with key leadership where we were able to hear about the impact we’ve had and their desire to keep the relationship going with “Dun-AH-mis” (as they call us…) and YoungLife.

A Ministry of Presence and a Theological Bridge

In addition to our “ministry of presence” and “providing a safe place for people to come with their stuff,” we provide a bridge between the more “charismatic” DNA of the Nicaraguan leaders and the more classically evangelical and reformed background of the new leadership and YoungLife as an organization.

Putting Teaching into Practice

One night, they invited us to lead the large group in corporate intercession for Haiti. This was a powerful time where they all got to experience the Holy Spirit moving and guiding. We were able to debrief with our Prayer class the next day, and the learning and amazement were profound.

The Fruit of Prayer Covering

Everything just flowed, and there were enough of us that no one person was stretched or maxed out too much… It was just beautiful. I have been in this long enough to know that we could not have done this without the prayer covering.

Susan Finck

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