A report from Rev. Larry Selig on a trip to Costa Rica to equip leaders.

“I was training many preparing for mission work on how to do listening prayer. During intercessory prayer, we would spend some minutes in silence, asking the Lord how He wanted us to pray, regarding the requests which were before us.

On two separate occasions, after a time of listening, and asking those in the small group what they may have heard, seen, sensed the Lord saying, we were amazed at the response. In two different groups, a member mentioned seeing demonic attacks coming upon them.

This was totally different from any of the requests which we were dealing with for intercession. But as we debriefed their experiences, it was apparent that the Lord wanted us to pray for deliverance for those different individuals.

So after listening to when the attacks began, what the demonic entrance points may have been, and helping them deal with the unique situations of being sinned against or deliberately sinning, the grounds were removed and the demons were instructed to leave quietly. They had no reason any longer to stay, and were instructed to go to Jesus, which they did!

The point in these two illustrations is simply how the Lord initiated the deliverance when we prayed, “Lord, help us to listen to what You want to say to us before we pray.” And in both situations, the Lord clearly spoke to these two individuals on separate occasions about their different and unique needs of deliverance.

It was a great teaching experience for us and for those in the small groups. More and more, we are learning the importance of listening to the Lord before we pray, and teaching others how to do this as well.”


L to R, Rev. Larry Selig, Dr. David Varela, Eddie Soto

L to R, Rev. Larry Selig, Faculty Member of the Dunamis Fellowship International.

Dr. David Varela, church elder and emergency room doctor, who assisted in ministry in San Jose.

Eddie Soto, Missionary to Spanish Speaking World and long term friend of PRMI.

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