Last month we sent out the letter below asking for prayer for what we believe are the beginning signs of a movement of the Holy Spirit in the Northeastern part of the USA.

We wanted to include all of you who receive MWS Online in this call to prayer.

There are signs of a new wave of the Holy Spirit taking place in the Northeastern region of the United States!

Many of you receiving this call to prayer were part of the amazing work of the Holy Spirit that happened in the Dunamis Project events at Silver Bay, NY, the Three Rivers Dunamis in Pennsylvania as well as Spirit Alives and prayer mountains held in the Northeast. Praise God for all the fruit of that move of God!!

2013 is a new day and time! New generations are being raised up to carry forward the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Edwards says that whenever God intends to do something great to advance His Kingdom, He first sets His people to extraordinary prayer.

I believe God is calling us to such prayer right now for the Northeastern United States. Those of us who have been touched by those past waves are now being called to join in the great work of praying for these little springs to become a river of revival.

Historically, the Northeast was the leader in advancing the Gospel in America; recently, it has become a cultural center of departure from godliness and biblical roots.

As a hopeful sign that God is again pouring out His Holy Spirit, the doors have opened for PRMI to offer the “Renewing the Legacy of R.A. Torrey” event at Montrose Bible Conference Center in Montrose, PA.

In 1907, Torrey founded Montrose Bible Conference Center as a center for teaching, prayer and revival.

Through the 20th century, Montrose became a site of great revival centered in biblical teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit and the work of prayer embodied in R.A. Torrey and D.L. Moody.

Up into the 1980s, thousands gathered in the 3,000-seat “Tabernacle” in Montrose for preaching and prayer for revival.

Many were sent into missions from these gatherings.

Well-known speakers such as Dr. Billy Graham and others came to Montrose in the summers.

This great move of the Holy Spirit touched the United States, Canada and Great Britain and indeed many other parts of the world with vital, Spirit-empowered witnesses to Jesus Christ.

A new stirring of the Holy Spirit is taking place!!

Direct descendants of R.A. Torrey and those who share in his spiritual legacy are being called to pray for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Montrose this summer; an outpouring that will honor the past, incorporate new generations into this wave of the Holy Spirit embodied in the teaching of R.A. Torrey and potentially usher in revival for the Northeastern United States.

Video by Christian Zebley introducing the “Renewing the Legacy of R.A. Torrey Event and the signs of revitalization in the Northeast.

Join us this summer for a revival at the “Renewing the Legacy of R.A. Torrey” event August 23-24 in Montrose

On Saturday evening, August 24th, the conference will culminate on historic “tabernacle” hill with a special evening service of prayer and revival. Tell your friends about it!! (Brochure enclosed)

Please come. But even if you cannot, join us in praying for a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

(If you would like to join with others for some prayer conference calls, please email or write to Mary Ellen Conners at PRMI, We need your help to pray for:

A new movement of “extraordinary prayer” to revive the Northeast

  • The protection of the local team and the PRMI team who will offer this event.
  • The many believers and congregations in the Northeast already part of this Evangelical move of the Holy Spirit who provide a clear witness to Jesus Christ.
  • A new wave of revival, evangelism and missions in the Northeastern US.
  • Pray God will hold the doors open wide for follow-up to this introductory event with:
      ~ Ignites (Our new retooled version of Spirit Alive ),
      ~ The Dunamis Video and Online Course
      ~ The launching of a new Dunamis Project equipping track in the Northeast for biblical teaching consistent with the legacy of R.A. Torrey on the Holy Spirit.

This is a kairos moment that many have yearned and prayed for. The time is now! Join us in this work of prayer and we will not miss it!

To the Glory of Jesus Christ.


Brad Long

Location: Montrose Bible Conference/ Montrose, PA
Date: August 23-24, 2013


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