Rebecca has been called and commissioned by the PRMI Board of Directors to join the PRMI team as Coordinator of Healing Prayer Ministry at the COC.

For the past two years she has been working as a volunteer, putting together prayer teams and scheduling prayer appointments for those who call the office asking for prayer ministry.

Tools for Discernment and Effective Ministry

Rebecca Modrzynski, new Coordinator of Healing Prayer Ministry

Rebecca Modrzynski, new Coordinator of Healing Prayer Ministry

In her new role, Rebecca will continue to provide this service, but in an expanded way. She is developing an assessment tool to help in the process of discerning what those coming for prayer need.

She will use what she learns to help her put teams together. She is also developing follow-up materials that will be given to each person who comes for prayer.

Equipping and Nurturing Prayer Ministers

A whole other area has been added to this role, which flows from Rebecca’s passion to see prayer ministers equipped and nurtured: she will be providing one-day workshops for those serving as prayer ministers.

Rebecca Modrzynski, new Coodinator of Prayer Ministry, at the Community of the Cross

Rebecca Modrzynski teaching at the Community of the Cross

These workshops will include worship with the Lord’s Supper, sharing of concerns and prayer, and teaching.

Ongoing Support

We are excited to be able to offer more ongoing support to our prayer ministers and look forward to seeing how this comes together.

She also plans on offering quarterly prayer trainings, but will determine the frequency based on the needs of the prayer teams.

Rebecca describes her vision and hope for this ministry in her own words:
“My vision and prayer is that the Community of the Cross continues to expand in being a place where individuals experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ and receive His healing through prayer ministry.  I am excited to see how God develops and nurtures the local prayer minister community. It is an absolute joy to participate in God’s kingdom work of restoration!”

A Welcome Addition to the PRMI Ministry Team

We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca to the PRMI team as a part-time staff member.

Although this is a part time position, we anticipate that Rebecca will make a significant contribution to prayer ministry at the COC.

Schedule a Prayer Appointment or Volunteer

Rebecca can be reached by email at to schedule a prayer appointment or find out more about joining in providing prayer ministry at the COC.

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