Upward Challenge

Welcome to Upward Challenge! What sets Upward Challenge apart is its ability to connect youth from across the globe. This program creates a Christ-centered community where young hearts are united during a week-long retreat in the heart of Western North Carolina. Upward Challenge is for high students who want to grow deeper in their relationship with God. They will be challenged to build foundations of faith through scripture, learn more about the persons of the Trinity, and experience deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Encounter Jesus

Upward Challenge isn’t just a camp; it’s a journey of encountering Jesus and deepening your relationship with Him. Developed over two decades ago, this program blends the rich teachings of PRMI with a student-friendly approach. Our mission remains unchanged: to guide participants through a week-long retreat in the breathtaking wilderness of Western North Carolina, where they can encounter the presence of God and learn to walk in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Revamped for Today’s Generation

In response to the evolving cultural landscape and the changing dynamics of biblical literacy, we’ve refreshed the program to better meet the needs of today’s youth. Our team has prayerfully curated teaching sessions focusing on essential topics such as the Authority of Scripture, Hearing the Voice of God, and Understanding the Holy Spirit.

Equipping for Everyday Faith

We’re committed to equipping our students with the tools and spiritual disciplines they need to thrive in their daily lives. Through engaging activities, worship sessions, and practical exercises, participants learn to build a solid foundation of faith, deepen their understanding of Scripture, and cultivate a vibrant prayer life.

Testimonials of Transformation

The impact of Upward Challenge is profound, as witnessed through the testimonies of our participants. One student shared, “It was the first time I saw Jesus and experienced Jesus and God the Father as like a friend and not some weird celestial being in the sky. It brought me a more personal relationship with Jesus.” These stories of personal transformation highlight the power of encountering Jesus in a tangible way.

Join Us on the Journey

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing adventure? Join us at Upward Challenge and experience the transformational power of encountering Jesus. Stay connected for updates on upcoming events and opportunities to deepen your faith journey.

To register for the next Upward Challenge visit our events page at www.prmi.org/events and find Upward Challenge in the list of upcoming events!

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