Dunamis Project #2: In the Spirit’s Power

Explores in depth

  • The Dynamic of Cooperation with the Holy Spirit
  • Guidelines for Listening to God
  • Discerning God’s Guidance, and
  • Gifts and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

How has God gifted you to be a participant in the work of His Kingdom?

Practically, what does it look like to live a life that yields to, and participates in, the work of the Holy Spirit?

If you want to better understand what it means to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and move into Spirit-filled ministry, this conference offers the Biblical foundation and practical instruction needed for powerful, balanced ministry.

In this second of the six Dunamis Project conferences, In the Spirit’s Power, we will look at what Scripture teaches about how God’s Spirit calls us to cooperate with him, becoming people who change the world for the glory of Jesus Christ.

You will learn how you can cooperate with the Holy Spirit, how God uniquely gifts you through his Holy Spirit, and look at how this applies to you as individuals and as part of the Church.

Dunamis Project 2: In the Spirit’s Power: develops the careful development of the dynamic of how we may cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

In the process, you’ll learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and hear from people who have experienced them in real life. Careful biblical exegesis, plus examples from real life, will help you understand the function and role of many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

There is a review of all the spiritual gifts and an in-depth teaching on several such as discernment, tongues, prophecy and word of knowledge.

Much attention is given to the process of discernment to make sure we avoid the dangerous extremes and abuses, while avoiding the powerlessness of willful ignorance.

You’ll experience a regular move from teaching on the spiritual gifts to asking the Holy Spirit in prayer to give the gifts.  As people experience the gifts, there is then the occasion to go back into teaching on how they should be used.

The teaching on “principles of power ministry” seeks to move beyond discussions about the nature and use of individual gifts and to get at the essence of how we cooperate with God in doing His work.

These principles are modeled by the leadership team and reflected on throughout the event. The purpose is provide a laboratory setting where you can begin to discern and practice these principles themselves.

You will explore the biblical dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit including listening to God, discerning His guidance, and then delve into gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Part One – The Functional Gifts

Introduces the different types of spiritual gifts. Elaborates the concept of the functional gifts, describes each of the seven gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 and provides instruments to help Christians to discern which gifts they may have.

Part Two- The Manifestational Gifts

Covers the nature and use of the manifestational gifts as listed in 1 Corinthians 12, 14.

Part Three –  Principles of Power Ministry

Covers the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Comments from recent participants:

  • “Emphasized discernment. This was reassuring”
  • “Each teaching based on scripture, with testimony, spiritual experience”
  • “Great modeling of how to have ‘freedom in the Spirit’ and do it ‘decently and in order’”

We cover topics like:

  • Jesus and the Kingdom of God
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit for Life in the “Between the Times”
  • The Dynamic of Cooperating with the Holy Spirit
  • Receiving Guidance and Cooperating with the Holy Spirit
  • Discernment: Is This Really from God?
  • The Functional Gifts for Building the Church
  • The Manifestational Gifts for Showing Forth Jesus’ Power
  • The Speaking Gifts: Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom
  • Tongues and Interpretation
  • Prophecy and Discernment
  • The Power Gifts: Faith, Healing and Miracles
  • The Church Doing Jesus’ Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit

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