Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission

All missionaries face real challenges, both physical and spiritual, as they prepare for and enter the mission field.

Physical preparation for mission work is essential. Spiritual training is even more critical.

Those of us at PRMI who have served on the mission field wonder how we ever managed without this training.

That’s why we are so excited to be partnering with several mission agencies and local churches to develop a mission conference entitled: Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission.


The Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission conference is designed for those embarking on missionary service or returning from the field, and those who support them.

Along with vibrant worship, healing prayer, and prayer for Holy Spirit-empowered ministry, we will provide vital biblical teaching to equip and refresh missionaries to shine Jesus’ light into dark and difficult places.

For those returning on furlough, this event provides a place to process experiences, be refreshed and be further equipped.

For those going on a short or long-term mission assignment, your fears and doubts about undertaking your assignment will be largely eased by the experience of the Holy Spirit as your moment-by-moment strength and wisdom, to share the Lord Jesus Christ effectively even where His name is not welcome.

For those who support missionaries with their prayers, finances or fellowship, this is an opportunity to connect and minister to these missionaries.

Taiwan teaching demonstration
PRMI team in Taiwan

These 7 Dynamics for Missionary Service are crucial components of effective mission:

  • Growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. John 14 and 15
  • Expanding worldview to include biblical paradigms, so we can work cross-culturally to advance the Kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 9:20-23
  • Receiving the promise for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to be Jesus’ witnesses. Acts 1:8
  • Learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the Director of Mission. Acts 16:6-10; Galatians 5:17
  • Progressing in the work of intercessory prayer that shapes the future by praying for waves of the Holy Spirit. John 14:13-14; Luke 11:13
  • Understanding the strategies of Satan blocking the advancement of the Gospel and cooperating with Jesus in bringing strongholds down.
  • Spiritual warfare. Matthew 10:1; 16:16-20
  • Practicing the art of listening evangelism. John 4; Acts 8:26-40

Are you considering a mission trip with PRMI or your local church? Are you being sent as a missionary by a mission agency? Do you participate in missions by supporting those who “go” with your prayer, fellowship, encouragement or financial giving?

This is a mission conference designed with you in mind!

What is offered?

  • Teaching and practice on the spiritual dynamics of mission.
  • An intergenerational family-focused approach that allows for children and adults to receive valuable training and time together.
  • Afternoon breakout sessions for EPC / PRMI focused training.
  • Joining the life of prayer and fellowship at the Community of the Cross. Meals, teaching, and prayer ministry are offered at the Community of the Cross.
  • Enjoying community with other missionary and mission-minded families.
Meals are part of the fellowship at the COC
Meals are part of the fellowship at the COC

How can you help at our next one?

  • Volunteer to help with cooking, transportation, hospitality or child-care.
  • Offer housing to out-of-town missionaries.
  • Make yourself available to minister  to those preparing for  or returning from the mission field.
  • Be part of prayer teams offering prayer ministry
  • Become part of the on-going prayer support for those going out on mission assignments.


There is no charge for this event. Offerings will be received to cover the cost of the food and administration and to extend the vision of equipping leaders in the power of the Holy Spirit. We encourage those coming to organize prayer and financial support.

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