PRMI Programs for Church Renewal

 The keys to growing the church and seeing renewal are personal growing faith in Jesus Christ, being grounded in the Bible as the Word of God, and being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our programs for renewal are centered in Jesus Christ as the Lord of the Church, based on scripture, and designed to welcome the empowering gift-giving work of the Holy Spirit.

For years, our primary program for growing the church was Spirit Alive, through which hundreds of Presbyterian and Reformed congregations in Canada and the Untied States were brought into the worldwide renewing movement of the Holy Spirit.

This program has now been retired and is replaced by:

In 2009 the Growing The Church Conference was started providing equipping and training for pastors. 

The Dunamis Video Course is produced by Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International. 

The “product” of the course is a network of equipped and anointed people who are called to create the context within local congregations where God may work to bring a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and equipping for cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the building of the church and extending the Kingdom of God.

This approach depends on equipped facilitators who can implement the course and can also equip others to become facilitators. To provide the leadership equipping and prayer support, the following criteria must be met for a person to be a facilitator representing PRMI and the Dunamis Fellowship:

  1. Attend a facilitator training event, or, if this is not possible review the facilitator training video. This helps us maintain quality and consistency in the presentation of the material.
  2. Attend a Dunamis Project Equipping Event and/or have been through the Dunamis Video Course unit that you will be facilitating. This way each facilitator will have a knowledge of the content of each unit and be growing in spiritual maturity and experience of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Membership in the Dunamis Fellowship. Facilitators are viewed as ministry leaders and must have the prayer covering and accountability provided by membership in the Dunamis Fellowship. Those who are not already members of the Fellowship can join by filling out the Dunamis Fellowship registration form and affirming their commitment to the membership requirements. This membership would fall under the category of Mission/Ministry Team Member. This commitment needs to be renewed yearly.
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