Mountain Top Equipping Camps

The Holy Spirit empowers us to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

We are equipped so that we can participate in the Great Commission. Our task is to make disciples of all nations baptizing them into the reality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

How can we break through the strongholds that hinder the gospel?

Strongholds hinder the advancement of the gospel

But as we seek to be faithful to that Great Commission call of Jesus we encounter opposition and resistance from the enemy, who seeks to build strongholds.

These are structures which seek to hinder the advancement of the gospel and God’s kingdom. 

A stronghold can impact individuals, families, churches, communities and nations, as well as operate on a global level. Beginning as lies and deceptions these strongholds can be built into significant ideological structures which can have significant influence in people’s lives.

Cohorts engage them in prayer

At times the Lord calls us to engage in prayer to pull these strongholds down in what we often call high-level spiritual warfare.

The best way to approach this type of warfare is as a team.

PRMI has been developing cohorts: small teams of people equipped and led by the Holy Spirit to pray for strongholds to be pulled down and God’s kingdom advanced.

Training for Prayer Cohorts

The Mountain Top Equipping Camp is the place to learn more about what a stronghold is and how they form.

It is also the place to explore some of the strategies and tactics which the Lord uses to pull down and dismantle strongholds and their influence.

Understanding how a cohort functions in this work of intercession is important, but it is also important to see how these cohorts provide places of mutual support, discernment and protection for those who are involved in this type of intercessory work.

Each Mountain Top Equipping Camp has a specific theme and area in which the general strategies and tactics are applied.

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