Prayer Advances

A Prayer Advance is a time set apart for prayer, focused on a particular topic, for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.

What is a Prayer Advance?

There may be teaching or sharing of vision to fuel our prayers.

Then we enter into times of worship and intercession.

A unique feature of these Prayer Advances is that some people gather at a particular site, while others join us through the internet.

This allows us to create international gatherings, bringing together intercessors from different backgrounds with their unique perspectives to pray in unity.

The purpose of these intensive prayer events is Holy Spirit-led intercession for those topics that may be urgent at the time.

These focused times of prayer will also include worship, some teaching to prepare for the work of intercession, listening for guidance, and prayer ministry with one another.

This is a wonderful opportunity to grow and take part in intercession and spiritual warfare, as well as experience being part of an international intercessory team.

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