Discerning the Times

Discerning the Times is a website written by Rev. Dr. Brad Long that seeks to provide insight and training on advanced intercession.

At the Discerning the Times blog, Rev. Long networks with intercessors seeking to engage with prayer against strongholds so that the Kingdom of God can advance.

On the front lines of this great struggle are those whom God has called as intercessors. Their role is to pray for the advancement of the Kingdom of God as well as to be the first means through whom Jesus Christ’s victory over Satan is expressed in the world.

Often intercessors are the first whom God calls to cooperate with Him in both aspects of this Kingdom building and defeating work.

It is astonishing that He would include us!

But we emphatically see that He does. Matthew 9:37-38 is an example:

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.”

A Network of Intercessors

The inspiration of Discerning the Times comes from the prayer battles that happened after World War I, with the rise of Fascism in Italy, Nazism in German, Communism in Russia, and Imperialism in Japan.

While on the surface they appear very different from each other, in their heart they were all forms of tyranny and resulted in the deaths of millions of people.

During this era, the Holy Spirit raised up Rees Howells and the students at the Bible College of Wales (and no doubt many others less well known) as intercessors to stand in the gap and take part in defeating these strongholds in the realm of the spirit.

While the Holocaust took millions of lives, vast armies clashed, cities were leveled, and millions died, the intercessors were fighting in the heavenly realms.

The outcome was victory over the three of these demonic strongholds.

Although there was terrible cost, it would have been even higher, or even the victory itself not obtained, had it not been for the faithful work of the intercessors.

God is calling forth intercessors, just as He did in the 1930s, to deal with these present demonic strongholds that are just as intent on blocking the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as bringing mass death and human bondage, as the ones that led to the horrors of World War II.

The tagline is:

Intercessors Cooperating with the Holy Spirit: Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Defeating the Devil’s works

This summarizes what we want to accomplish.

Join a movement where the Holy Spirit is “Mobilizing, Equipping and Deploying” intercessors for defeating the demonic strongholds that are blocking the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ today.

You’ll find Discerning the Times articles useful in guiding your prayers.

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