Equip and Mobilize Intercessors

Prayer under girds everything PRMI is about.

Prayer is our first priority because it is the key to our vital life in Jesus Christ and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has led us into many different program expressions to encourage the work of prayer.

Prayer precedes moves of God.

A study of the book of Acts and 2,000 years of Church history reveals that the Father’s first step in pouring out the Holy Spirit on earth to advance His Kingdom is to call us, His born-again friends and coworkers, to earnest focused intercessory prayer.

It is God’s will through His wonderful grace, that the prayers of His saints should be one of the great principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ’s kingdom in the world… Jonathan Edwards

Prayer to God the Father, in the name of Jesus, and led and empowered by the Holy Spirit is the foundation to all that we do in PRMI.

The work of prayer takes place through the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit who is the director of the global prayer movement which is advancing the kingdom of God. 

Prayer precedes great moves of God. This is the basis of the Holy Spirit calling PRMI and the Dunamis Fellowship International to focus on the initiative to create the venues for prayer in 2017.

In every great revival, every great advance in the Kingdom of God, intercessory prayer has been the forerunner.

Time out for Prayer at the Board Meeting

Members of the PRMI Board of Directors, take time for prayer for the world during a 2016 Board Meeting.

Often, before major decisions are made, the Board will put aside the business and take as long as needed to seek God in prayer.

We find that the more we pray together the better the business goes!

2017 MorningPrayeratDFI

Members of the Dunamis Fellowship at the annual meeting in Black Mountain, North Carolina, praying at morning prayer during 2017 meeting

How PRMI Equips and Mobilizes Intercessors

All our ministry programs and expressions that have had a part in renewing the church and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ have been born in prayer and sustained by prayer.

There are hundreds of people within PRMI whom the Lord has called, anointed, is equipping and connecting together for this work.

For many this prayer work is a costly investment of time, and in some cases finances, as they seek to grow in this work and take part in special equipping events and initiatives.

There is also the sacrifice they make as they step into prayer engagements which may also involve high level spiritual warfare and intercession.


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Historical Ways We Mobilized Prayer

Prayer is our first priority because it is the key to our vital life in Jesus Christ and cooperating with ...

In addition, we have books and materials on the work of prayer; we recommend you look at 

  • Prayer that Shapes the Future: How to Pray with Power and Authority;
  • Passage Through the Wilderness: A Journey of the Soul and
  • Growing in Friendship with Jesus.

These books and more can be found in the Resource Center.

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