Growing the Church Conference

Are you looking for a way to help your church grow, not just in numbers, but in being alive?

Are you open to growing in the knowledge and work of the Holy Spirit, but aren’t sure how to help your congregation join you in that process?

Do you want to see the congregation growing in depth of fellowship centered in Jesus Christ? Do you yearn for your congregation to have ministries that are truly changing lives and growing people in faith?

Do you want to see your congregation moving out with the Gospel to your neighborhood and to the ends of the Earth?

At the Growing the Church conference, you will learn of the 7 dynamics of cooperation with the Holy Spirit so that you and your congregation can enter the grow with Christ and the Holy Spirit, through which Christ grows His Church.

The retreat, intended for pastors accompanied by others in their church leadership, gives participants tools so that when they return to their congregations they can implement what they have learned.

There are proven principles that are contained in the Bible that have provided the basis for growing the Church in vastly different cultural settings. 

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

“Learning to be led by the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to work through me to do the ministry of Jesus is the key to an alive and growing congregation that is reaching out in missions.”  – Richard White, Pastor, Christ Community Church – Montreat

You will have opportunities to build prayer support and relationships with others in ministry as well as receive on–going mentoring, if desired. A team offering intercessory prayer, hospitality and ministry will help to make this a restful and transforming week.

The leadership team of teachers and small group leaders have had extensive experience in applying these principles in cooperation with the Holy Spirit in ministry.

The book, Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit, will be used as the text for the course. Written by Brad Long, Paul Stokes and Cindy Strickler, it presents the two foundations and seven dynamics of growing the Church. Published by Zondervan.

At this five-day equipping event you’ll experience a unique combination of personal prayer retreat, biblical and reformed teaching on the Holy Spirit and practical application of the teaching.  You’ll have tools you can use when you return to your congregations that you can implement what you have learned.

“Solidly grounded in biblical truths and Reformed faith, the teachings and stories told were an inspiration to welcome the Holy Spirit into my walk with God, and further into the life of my church work.” Ed

Jesus Christ has invited us to work with Him in building His Church and extending His Kingdom in the world.  He does this by sending the Holy Spirit to grow us from within to be his disciples and to come upon us for empowerment and gifts to work with Him.

Here is a 15 min video where Brad introduces the whole conference and a glimpse of the whole dynamic of the steps in the dance.

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