Exousia: Volunteer Leadership Development

How can a small staff from an office in North Carolina continue to reach more people with the basic teaching on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit that has been entrusted to PRMI?

Likewise, how can a group of people who have stepped into Spirit empowered ministry and matured in their ministry approach and style be mobilized to reach the corners of the earth where more Christian believers want to be equipped?

Exousia is the tool PRMI uses to raise up new teachers, new leaders, and new intercessors for the work of expanding the reach of PRMI.  Exousia is where we equip our faculty, apprentice teachers, track directors and site team members.  It is where you will get our DNA.

Stories from Participants:

It solidified things I learned in Upward Challenge – how the discernment process works, how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in kairos moments, roles in the team and how they work together and working on transitions.  

Jacob L.

…the dynamic of working with other personalities.  

Chase B.

It was world view expanding.  I saw that PRMI is a lot bigger than I thought – just seeing that God’s kingdom work is a lot bigger than I realized.

Anthony M.

Exousia gave me an even better understanding of the Dunamis DNA and it helped me place the parts and pieces of Dunamis Projects in their places with understanding of the ‘whys’… There were also moments of ministry that have helped me make some important personal, ministry decisions.

Earl Rutledge

A good emphasis on intentionally reproducing ourselves (not “replacing” or “displacing” like David for Saul) for advancing, expanding, and building up of the Kingdom of God was a relevant theme. Making disciples of Jesus Christ is essential. Looking for and nurturing leaders is part of this.

Steve Scheibe

It was instructive in so many ways. The insights from others were good… my relationship with Christ was strengthened and I was encouraged as I stepped into something new. God is good. Always.

Terri Miller

What is Exousia?

Exousia is PRMI’s leadership development process to prepare upcoming leaders who volunteer in the ministry of PRMI around the world.  As our ministry style has developed over years and our way of doing things has grown, future volunteers need to understand the DNA and history of PRMI to effectively be ambassadors of PRMI wherever they go and ministry.

Exousia will give you space to grow in your PRMI leadership skills.

For example, new teachers will do 20 minute teaching blocks out of the Gateways Manual, then receive a peer review and affirmation. You will face the challenges of condensing the material to 20 minutes and finding creative ways to get those points across.

Teachers, worship leaders and intercession leaders will have the opportunity to learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit at PRMI events to lead the people into those moments where God wants to work.

Administrative leaders (registrars, hospitality coordinators) will learn how to prepare the way for others to encounter Christ as they organize our events to create a great experience for people who come.

The course addresses:

  • Leadership that is led by the Holy Spirit,
  • Roles within a Dunamis Project team,
  • Core content for each Dunamis Project
  • Teaching methods for the Dunamis Project.

Why Exousia?

When God wants to bless and grow our ministry, we have to be ready. PRMI recognizes that we need leaders to lead the way! We want to equip our staff and dedicated volunteers by calling out their leadership gifting and preparing them for God’s plan for their lives, regardless of their career or calling.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment includes:

  • Watching approximately 8 hours of online video,
  • Three 90 minute group teleconferences, and
  • A week in residence at the place where Exousia is held.

Additional commitments include participation with a local Dunamis Project, a  PRMI pioneer team, PRMI missions, or other program expressions of PRMI.

Cost of Exousia

PRMI operates on a faith basis, meaning that PRMI does not charge anything to participate in Exousia.  Instead, you will be invited to give sacrificially to the mission of PRMI to advance its work around the world.

You are responsible for your own room and board where the in-person meeting is held.  Information on room/board arrangements will be made available when the on-site portion is open for registration.

Participation in Exousia

Do you want to step up and participate with a leadership team at PRMI events?  Exousia is where we prepare future leaders for their volunteer work around the world.

The course has two parts:

1.  Online – reviewing background, history, and core principles of ministry in PRMI in preparation for 3 online meetings for discussion.

2.  On site – an intense few days together of practical teaching, worship, and prayer ministry, where we focus on practical skills to lead PRMI events.  You’ll cover practical topics like

  • How to teach as led by the Holy Spirit (including experience of actually doing this at the Spiritual Leadership Course)
  • Personal and Spiritual preparation for teaching – knowing oneself
  • How to discern and act in kairos moments
  • How to move from theory/content/teaching into practice (lab time, exercises, prayer)
  • How to lead people into prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • How to function as a team to create the context where the Holy Spirit can work
  • How to understand and work with your audience/participants – how to work with people with learning styles that differ from yours and also with diverse personalities
  • How to identify and grow in an area of expertise in your teaching
  • How to share the vision and take up an offering for PRMI
  • How to conduct a debrief (understand the place of debrief in the Dunamis teaching and have opportunities to practice debriefing and getting feedback on the process)

Opportunities to Experience Exousia

Joining Exousia is by personal invitation by an event leader and/or the dean of Faculty of our Dunamis Institute.

To participate in the next Exousia course, you’ll need to get on the waiting list for the next open enrollment.

Speak with your event leader, or call the PRMI office to be put in touch with the dean of Faculty of the Dunamis Institute to discuss how you can get involved in the next Exousia course.

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