Timeless Lessons for Prayer Warriors


“I take you through the amazing prayer battles that took place in the spiritual realm that interfaced with the political conflict to confirm an originalist judge, Brett Kavanaugh, to the U.S. Supreme Court.”  Brad Long



On July 9, 2018 when Judge Brett Kavanaugh was introduced as a nominee for the US Supreme Court, the Lord called a team of intercessors into an extraordinary spiritual battle.

During this very public and contentious event—the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh—a small, unknown, dedicated prayer team was called and led by the Holy Spirit to deploy tactics for spiritual warfare to advance God’s Kingdom purposes in both the spiritual and earthly realms.

Based on the actual prayer experiences, Dr. Long provides biblical and practical teaching on the role of prayer and spiritual warfare in advancing God’s Kingdom over demonic strongholds based on “struggle ideologies” such as Marxism, Intersectionality and Islam that are destroying and replacing the Judeo-Christian values and the Greek-born power of reason upon which the West and America were founded.

Long powerfully demonstrates that by applying these timeless lessons, intercessors had a strategic role in the Kavanaugh confirmation battle which was a skirmish in the larger cultural war that has the potential to destroy western civilization.

The current war for the soul of America will contain many more such prayer battles. And although intercessors know there is power in prayer, many of us are unsure about involvement in these assignments.

This book provides vital intelligence, understanding and confidence to effectively engage in these battles where God is calling us to advance His Kingdom plans.

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2 reviews for Timeless Lessons for Prayer Warriors

  1. Judy Cook

    “This book will help intercessors who see the strongholds in the world, particularly in the soul of america. It will help me in praying, as it gives me a road map to praying them down in general. It helped me with kinds of prayer, kinds of tactics, to taking on powers and principalities. I think this book is for mature intercessors and prayer warriors – how to fight the spiritual battle. I want my class to read it.” – Judy, Alaska.

  2. Mary Sweringa

    Riveting and Informative

    A bold, brilliant, practical exposé of the war on earth and in the heavenlies during the Kavanaugh proceedings. Lessons in effective, strategic intercession woven throughout the text. Excellent for personal growth, teaching and group studies. Highly recommended!!

    Blessings, Mary

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