Passage Through The Wilderness


The wilderness: that stormy, often frightening realm where Christians inevitably find themselves at some point in their spiritual journey. Brad Long wrote this book during his own wilderness experience while working as a missionary in Taiwan.

Because these pages came out of one man’s real “dark night of the soul,” they offer candid revelations and hard-won insights on a topic most believers find hard to understand and even harder to talk about.

Those who feel their prayer lives have dried up, who feel abandoned by God, or whose ministries seem fruitless will find comfort and encouragement. “This is an extreme book for those in times of extremity in their spiritual life,” Long writes. The good news is that the wilderness experience is often the point where God entrusts believers with new power and gifts, setting the stage for spiritual growth and the advancement of his kingdom.

Part 1 – The Nature of the Wilderness
Part 2 – Battles with Satan
Part 3 – Struggles with Ourselves
Part 4 – Encounter with God
Part 5 – Out of the Wilderness



Do you feel abandoned by God?

Does your prayer life seem dry and pointless?

Are you driven by restlessness of besieged by temptations?

If so, you may be in the wilderness, a place most Christians will visit at some point on their journey, Like the “Slough of Despond” in Pilgrim’s Progress, the wilderness is fraught with dangers and pitfalls.  You will fight battles with yourself, with the devil and with God.  In this bold, candid book, Brad Long details his own struggles in the wilderness and tells how he emerged with new insight into himself and, more important, God. The result of the wilderness journey can be deeper intimacy with Jesus and empowerment for your ministry.

“For those of you who are happy with your lives and are experiencing usefulness and fulfillment in ministry, this book is probably not for you,” writes the author.  “It is an extreme book, written for times of extremity in our spiritual journeys.”

“How many of us in the kingdom callings have endured prolonged, lonely seasons of darkness, self-doubt and disturbing hiddenness from God, and had no freedom to talk openly about it?  Brad Long has broken an unnecessary silence.  He provides a painfully accurate transparency that touches where many have walked…adeptly leads us out of the ‘black hole’ and into a fresh reconnection with the unceasing grace of God.”

– Tom White, author of The Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare

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