Adventuring In the Spirit




This story is about one young pastor’s honest search for a relationship with the Lord he already adored, for experience of Scriptures he already acknowledged to be true, and for power in the ministry to which he was already called.

Rev. Robert C. Whitaker (born March 16, 1930, in Philadelphia, PA) is a PCUSA pastor (hon. retired) who earned a BA from Haverford College (1952) and an M.Div. From Yale Divinity School in 1955.

Bob is widely recognized as an early proponent and pioneer in the move of the Holy Spirit in both Presbyterian and ecumenical settings in the 1960s and 70s.

These were the days of the Wild West of the Holy Spirit; hold on to your book cover as Bob recounts his story with humor and pathos, energy, drama and candor.

Who is this Book For?
The book will be of interest to a wide variety of Christians. First, it does a great service to the whole Church because it is placed squarely in the historical context of other contemporary, notable characters who aid and abet Bob on his adventure in the Spirit.

It also provides students of moves of the Holy Spirit with yet another resource to ponder and investigate; fortunately, it is now safely cataloged for study and for history.

Lastly, it is for all of us who hunger and thirst after Jesus and know in our hearts that He has “something more” for us.

A Treasure-Trove of Instruction
Bob experienced this “something more” when he was baptized in Holy Spirit; the subsequent recorded adventures are the result of that experience.

Adventuring in the Spirit is aptly titled, to say the least, and–by definition–difficult to summarize in a paragraph!

Bob recounts his story- his early years, the call to ministry, education, and family life (ch.1-3) to the sentinel event of his experience: “The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit” (ch.4).

The remainder of the book (ch. 5-32) chronicles his subsequent life and ministry through to the present in Southern California.

The adventures range from the spectacular to the mundane and result in a treasure-trove of instruction in obedience, learning, success, failure, turmoil, and taking risks. It is well documented.

Bob notes in the preface that “This story is taken from my journals, diaries, correspondence, newspaper articles, and court documents…”

The book concludes with a very interesting and valuable Appendix (which expands the text and footnotes) and contains short teachings and vignettes of early charismatic leaders.

Finally, this is—paradoxically–an easy yet intense read, and not to be missed.

Jeanne A. Linquist, MD
Elder, First Presbyterian Church
San Mateo, Ca.


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