As the ministry of PRMI continues to grow, as does our need for an expansion of our ministry team and a recent addition to the PRMI office. We welcome these gifted women who have stepped into new roles in 2022, each with their own story.

PRMI’s Communications Manager

The year 2022 has seen a lot of changes in Emily’s life. Following Chris Walker’s departure, Emily has stepped up and taken on a larger role in communications in addition to maintaining the PRMI website. As a result, her position became full-time and her title changed from Communications Coordinator (January 2020) to Communications Manager (2022). We so appreciate her desire to cultivate new skills and her dedication to seeing PRMI grow.

About her new position, Emily says:

Truly, the Lord hears the prayers of His people and He responds. I am honored to serve in this capacity, the technology we have now provides us with the opportunity to reach even farther than ever before. PRMI has been prepared for this season.

In April of this year, Emily began another new role: she married Israel Luna and moved to be with him in Mexico. Emily works from her new home and takes part fully in PRMI staff operations thanks to the wonders of technology.

Coordinator for Healing Prayer Ministry at the Community of the Cross

We are happy to announce Katie Lynn Arocho’s position as the Community of the Cross’s new coordinator for the Healing Prayer Ministry. Katie has been a part of, and has led, a prayer ministry team for PRMI over the past few years. She will organize prayer sessions at the Community of the Cross, provide support to those who are organizing prayer ministry for Community of the Cross events and expand the healing prayer community there.

I am very thrilled that God has invited me to join him in the healing ministry at the Community of the Cross.

Katie and her family now live in Campobello, SC. We want to thank Judy McManus and Marcia Bronson who have carried on this work since Rebecca Modrzynski left in 2020. We look forward to seeing prayer ministry thrive and grow at the Community of the Cross.

Intercessory Prayer Coordinator at the Community of the Cross

Jule Ann Martin has volunteered with PRMI for a number of years, but has now moved from New Jersey to North Carolina and serves as the Intercessory Prayer Coordinator at the Community of the Cross. She finds, trains, and schedules intercessors for Community of the Cross activities.

Jule Ann’s enthusiasm is contagious,

I love mentoring intercessors and seeing them step into new roles, and I can’t wait to see the new Prayer House open!

Jule Ann’s role will undoubtedly expand once the PRMI Prayer House is open in the coming months. We are so very grateful for her continued prayerful diligence in all that she does.

Intern for Event Coordination and Office Administration

A recent addition to the PRMI office staff is Brittany Lister as Intern for Event Coordination and Office Administration for a one-year term.

Brittany first visited PRMI as an Upward Challenge camper, then returned as an Upward Challenge student leader.

She applied for an internship with PRMI after attending the Preparing for the Next Great Awakening June event. Why did she apply? Brittany said,

I’ve always loved PRMI – it has always felt like home. I believe this internship is going to be a good growth experience for me.

Brittany will spend the following year assisting with events, working in the office, learning more about PRMI’s teachings, and being mentored in intercession.

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