Be equipped to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

The vision of PRMI is to Exalt Jesus Christ! To Ignite the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

We accomplish this mission by helping you learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for wherever God has called you to faithfully serve.

The core of our teaching is found in the Dunamis Project.

Volunteers in the Dunamis Fellowship International conduct our events at different places around the world.

We help anyone who may be unaware of or who desires to grow in the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

Through your generous and sacrificial giving in 2021, you have helped: anoint people for Kingdom service, develop materials, and launch more ministry venues that create opportunities where believers can grow.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Be empowered to cooperate with the Holy Spirit at our conferences

PRMI’s Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance seeks to further equip people who are growing in healing and deliverance ministry in PRMI and in local churches. For nearly 20 years, graduates have been stepping out into this ministry.

This year we offered this course in the United States, in the United Kingdom, and in Canada.

Read one person’s testimony from the Community of the Cross in September of 2021, where she experienced tremendous growth because of anointed people, teaching, and prayer.

Expansion in 2022

Equipped volunteers and improved materials.

This is an expanding need for equipped volunteers and improved materials to support that work.

Until Jesus comes again, there will always be people who are afraid or unaware of the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

We need people like you to invest in the future ministry of PRMI.

Through your generosity, we can release more Spirit-empowered witnesses of Jesus Christ into the ministry God has called them into.

Your giving will help believers in Christ discover how they can live out Acts 1:4-8.

At our venues, many come to faith in Christ and/or deepen their walk of cooperation with the Holy Spirit. They find healing, biblical teaching, and experience the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

The PRMI Prayer House

The Holy Spirit is calling us to unite in prayer for the following:

1) Thankfulness in His provision of the finances needed to complete the PRMI Prayer House, that the Lord will send the rest of the money needed to complete the remaining site work.

2) May the PRMI Prayer House become a center for praying for and experiencing the baptism and infilling with the Holy Spirit for igniting a great awakening across the world.

3) May the Lord call people to the Community of the Cross who can provide core teams for prayer, equipping, and sending to participate in this coming great move of God.

4) That there will be a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit with blazing coals of Holy Spirit fire which will fall on the Community of the Cross and all the other locations where hearts are being prepared so that that Gospel of Jesus Christ may reach all.

Your Giving Will Have an Impact

Help us prepare for the future.

Your financial gift will invest in materials, processes, and people to scale for the future. Our materials need to be revised and updated to carry us forward another 20 years.

We need to improve our equipping processes to identify and rapidly onboard new volunteers to expand our reach into new venues.

As we look forward to the future, your prayer and financial support will continue to help believers discover the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

We sense that outpourings of the Spirit are coming to the Global Church. They might reach a tipping point into the Next Great Awakening all around the world.

There will be a huge need for Biblical training on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, intercessory prayer, and evangelism– all of which are found in the materials of the Dunamis Project.

Thank You for Partnering with PRMI                                 

Your gift will help make this equipping work possible as God continues to bring Christians from all over the world into the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Your generosity helps people grow in their relationship with Jesus by helping them discover the dance of cooperation.

When you give, you provide an opportunity for this Kingdom work to continue and impact many generations.

When you give, you multiply opportunities to influence church leaders and laypeople around the world.

Journey with us to reach the next 10,000 leaders from around the world and make this equipping work possible!

Your gift of whatever size will help someone:

  • Encounter the wonder of cooperating with the Holy Spirit
  • Discover how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit
  • Experience more of the Kingdom of God
  • Grow deeper in their walk with Christ

Thank you for your faithful giving and your continued partnership in advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the nations!

Giving Deadlines

Online Gifts to PRMI must be made by 11:59PM Eastern US to qualify for 2021 donation.

Mailed in Gifts to PRMI have to be postmarked December 31 to qualify for 2021 donation and mailed to PO Box 429, Black Mountain NC 28711

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