The Value of Administrative Support

When Nehemiah led the people of Israel to rebuild the ruined walls of Jerusalem, he demonstrated the immense value of administrative leadership. A seemingly impossible project was successfully completed thanks to the way he coordinated work teams and managed the sourcing of materials, all for the glory of God.

We hold more than twenty events each year at the Community of the Cross (COC) in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and all of them require significant operational support to ensure that they run smoothly. We also have many events outside of the COC which depend on support from our office staff for handling registrations, ordering, and shipping materials. This is in addition to all the administrative work of opening the mail, handling donations and thank you letters, maintaining the office and ministry inventory, and answering numerous emails that come in every day.

Introducing Jennifer Heeres: PRMI’s Office Administrator

We have had a serious need for additional ministry support staff for many years, so we are delighted to announce that Jennifer Heeres will be joining the team, as PRMI’s Office Administrator. She will be working alongside Victoria to provide some of this invaluable behind-the-scenes operational support for PRMI’s ministry. Jennifer will also be assisting with preparing the space for events and welcoming guests who visit the COC throughout the year.

These roles are critical for the work of PRMI, and her addition to this team is vital to providing the operational services throughout the year at the Community of the Cross and beyond. We look forward to the contribution that she brings because of how the Lord has uniquely gifted her!

A New Chapter for Jennifer and Her Family

Jennifer and her family will be moving to Black Mountain this summer, leaving behind their church community in Michigan where her husband, Kevin, has been serving as a pastor. Rejoice with us at God’s wonderful provision and their steps of obedient faith. Please pray for their family during this major transition, and for Jennifer as she steps into her new role.

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