Earlier this year, construction on the PRMI Prayer House at the Community of the Cross came to a pause when we fully used what God has provided to date. 

There was enough provision to reach the milestone of “weathering in” the Prayer House. We wait on God to provide for the next milestones.

All of the exterior doors and windows are in. The building is insulated. The heat is turned on to keep the house warm and dry over the winter.

Thank you for your generosity with finances and prayer to get the PRMI Prayer House to this point.

Our builder tells us the house is safe to sit in this state for several months, even up to the year if it had to.

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What Will it Take to Finish and Furnish the Prayer House?  

Approximately $696,250 is needed to get us to the point of a Certificate of Occupancy. This is in line with the Capital Campaign that started in 2020. This process will finish the building and the remaining site work. 

The site work will include:

  • Putting in the water lines,
  • Improving the road to meet the fire code,
  • Storm drainage,
The landscaping and infrastructure of the PRMI Prayer House still needs work, help us complete it today.

This infrastructure site work will enable the long term development of the Community of the Cross and future use of the property the Lord has given to us.

We are currently working on Capital Campaign materials to invite you and others to help complete the PRMI Prayer House. In another month or two you will receive materials in the mail about this, so keep an eye out for that. 

An Urgent Need as Prices are Spiking Upward

There is some urgency to reach the next milestone towards completing the PRMI Prayer House. 

Brad Long and I (Cindy) met with our builder last week and were informed that the prices of lumber and other construction materials are going up dramatically right now. As of April 9, 2021 the lumber prices are up over 193% during the last year. 

Fortunately, most of our carpentry work is done.

The PRMI Prayer House still needs interior and cabinetry development.

Direct Your Gift to the Prayer House

If the Lord directs you, you may give online by going here:

If you have trouble designating your gift or completing your online donation, send a note to the office or a quick email and let us know. 

For those who want to give stock or major gifts, please call the office at (828) 669-7373

Checks can be mailed to this address:

PO Box 429
Black Mountain, NC, 28711

Please make out the checks to “For the Prayer House.”

Again, we are so grateful for your support of the ministry. 

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