After many years of prayer, planning, and your generosity for the PRMI Prayer House, we are almost there. From blueprints to full standing, see below the PRMI Prayer House video update Journey of 10,000 Nails.

It is getting closer to the day when it will be filled with prayer.

Check out this 3-minute video that shows how your generosity and prayer have helped the PRMI Prayer House take shape, from the clearing of the land to the status as of early July 2020.

Give to Finish the Prayer House

At the end of January 2020, we began inviting the PRMI family and friends to help finish the Prayer House.

Then the Coronavirus pandemic hit. And along with it, significant economic fallout.

The PRMI Board of Directors received the guidance to put a “Selah” (a pause) on actively pursuing funds. In the Psalms, “Selah” is used between verses. It seems to mean an interlude in which one should praise God or be in silent adoration.

The Board has discerned the Lord has called PRMI to lift that Selah/pause.

God has provided remarkably during this season, and we are now specifically inviting you to help complete the PRMI Prayer House.

A picture of the PRMI Prayer House with one of the PRMI Board of Directors and Ministry Partners, Jay Knoblock. Journey of Faith.
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A Place to Embody the Work of Prayer

The work of prayer will be embodied within the completed PRMI Prayer House:

The virtual prayer work and equipping PRMI has been doing will be accompanied in this dedicated physical space by the expressions of:

  • worship,
  • fellowship,
  • healing prayer and,
  • ongoing intercession. 

Global prayer movements need an anchor point of community—like Jesus Abbey or the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

The PRMI Prayer House at the Community of the Cross will be our place to anchor in and participate in this global work of prayer.

Set among towering hemlocks on our 24 acres in Western North Carolina, this inspiring gathering space will allow people to take part in global movements of the Holy Spirit.

The architects have given it an apt description to describe its beauty:

Cathedral in the Woods.

As a hub for intercession, it will sustain and support intercessors the Lord is calling to participate in the great waves of the Holy Spirit around the world.

As the ministry of PRMI grows, more groups are using the Community of the Cross as their gathering place for prayer. Groups gather to pray about specific global issues, and even join with other 24/7 prayer centers around the world via the Internet.

Intercessors in residence will have a quiet and dedicated space to do their important prayer work.

A quote from R.A. Torrey with hands in the background, representing the journey we are on alongside one another.
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We imagine all of the people who will come through our front gates and into the Community of the Cross will find this to be a place of encounter with Jesus to find healing and restoration.

The Prayer House must be completed so PRMI can better participate in global movements of prayer.

Give to Fill The Prayer House with Prayer

We need to complete the PRMI Prayer House and be free to pursue every invitation, virtual and otherwise—to His glory and the expansion of the Kingdom.

While the Lord has provided for construction during this pandemic season through the generosity of many of you, we expect to exhaust available building funds by July 15, 2020. 

We are praying for $1 million to finish.

These funds will finish the Prayer House plus more required site preparation and infrastructure work.

The PRMI Prayer House still needs:

  • Painting
  • Drywall finishing
  • Lighting and Flooring
  • Details like interior doors, and trim
  • All fixtures like toilets, cabinets, and counters
  • All furnishings like chairs, AV Equipment, supplies

Your gifts will help the Prayer House become a place of prayer, equipping, and sending in preparing PRMI to take its place in what God has for us in the coming years. 

We now ask you to join in praying for and giving to the financial miracles needed to put this building into ministry this year.

Our International Board of Directors is 100% committed to giving and are praying into their specific commitments, asking: “Lord, what is your direction on what You are calling us to do, not what we can afford.”

A current picture of the PRMI Prayer House to represent the journey we have come on to complete it with the visionary, Brad Long inside the Prayer House.
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“PRMI is giving the work of prayer the place of both priority and honor that the work of prayer deserves. This space, set apart for this work, will change lives, change churches, and even change nations as the work of prayer pushes back the kingdom of darkness and advances the Kingdom of God.”

Rev. Rich DeRuiter
Dunamis Track Director
Bellingham, Washington

Come and Visit: Journey to the Community of the Cross

You are invited to come in person, walk the land, and join us in prayer. 

Please call ahead to let us know you are coming. We can provide you with materials to guide you in a prayer walk on the land.

As you walk the land of the Community of the Cross, stand in the main prayer chapel, or pray in any of the unfinished rooms of the unfinished Prayer House, you can take your part in praying in the rest of the funds needed to complete the PRMI Prayer House.

People walking at the Community of the Cross, as a representation of the journey, as we walk with Jesus.
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“I am excited about the prayers of intercession and healing that will take place at the Prayer House. As a place set apart for the work of Jesus Christ, I am expectant that many will encounter Him there and leave transformed, walking in His wholeness and Kingdom calling.”

Rev. Rebecca Modrzynski
Healing Prayer Coordinator
Community of the Cross

Your gifts will help the Prayer House to become a place of prayer, equipping, and sending in preparing PRMI to take its place in what God has for us.

Thank you for supporting this ministry that God has used to bring Christians into the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

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It is not enough that we have our times of secret prayer to God alone with Him, we also need to have fellowship with others in prayer. - RA Torrey
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It is not enough that we have our times of secret prayer to God alone with Him, we also need to have fellowship with others in prayer. – R.A. Torrey

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