Over the last decade, PRMI participated in the rising of a global movement of intercessory prayer. 

During the last challenging year through the trials of Covid, in all corners of the globe where PRMI is connected, we have taken part in a giant wave of extraordinary pleading and passionate prayer within the body of Christ.   

Into this context, PRMI has sent out mailing to invite prayer and giving to complete the PRMI Prayer House so that it might take its role in hosting more work of intercessory prayer.

This accelerating groundswell of prayer suggests that a mighty move of God is coming, like the Charismatic Movement of the 1960s and 1970s that birthed PRMI, or the “Third Wave” of the Holy Spirit in the 1980s characterized by the Vineyard Movement. 

Those under 40 years of age have never tasted or witnessed this kind of revival.   

When this revival is fully unleashed, PRMI will have equipped hundreds, if not thousands, of born-again believers to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and advance God’s Kingdom.   

A New Context for Extraordinary Prayer 

A fully operational house of prayer at PRMI’s Community of the Cross will be known as a place of prayer, equipping and sending Holy Spirit-empowered people to advance the Kingdom of God.  

The main chapel will inspire worship and prayer as well as being a place of teaching and ministry.

The prayer rooms will be places of healing prayer for people. They will also be used for intercessory prayer for the ministry of PRMI and God’s Kingdom work around the world. All of this will nurture the coming revival. 

The Capital Campaign Mailer

We’ve been in a capital campaign for 18 months and in June 2021, we sent out an update by mail to those in the USA requesting prayer and giving. In case you didn’t see it, click on the Read Now button on the image below to open a new window to read.

A Place of Visitation from the Holy Spirit  

The Community of the Cross can become a geographical location of outpourings of the Holy Spirit like Jerusalem at the first Pentecost or Azusa Street in 1905 and 1906. 

We believe the Lord is calling us to finish the PRMI Prayer House to prepare for a visitation at the Community of the Cross, where the Lord God will manifest His presence and power in an even greater way than ever before. 

We believe the Holy Spirit is calling us to pray for the following:   

  1. That the Lord will send the rest of the money needed to complete the PRMI Prayer House and related site work at the Community of the Cross.
  2. That the PRMI Prayer House may become the center for praying in and experiencing the baptism and infilling with the Holy Spirit for igniting a great awakening that will advance the Kingdom of God.
  3. That the Lord will call people to the Community of the Cross who will provide core teams for prayer, equipping, and sending to participate in this coming great move of God.
  4. That there will be a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit with blazing coals of Holy Spirit fire which will fall on the Community of the Cross and all the other locations where hearts are being prepared so that that Gospel of Jesus Christ may reach all. 

See this special note from Dr. Brad Long sent with the Capital Campaign Mailer (click on the read now button in the image to open it).

How the Lord is Providing for the Prayer House Through You

Before the Capital Campaign mailing was sent people like you were generous with sending gifts for the Prayer House.

They ranged in size from $100 to a surprise gift of $100,000.

We are grateful for every gift that has come in and the prayers that come with them.

  • Month to date (since the campaign was mailed): July 1 to July 29, 2021, God has provided $40,496
  • Year to date: January 1 – July 29, 2021, God has provided $279,245.

That means we are moving forward to the goal of being able to

  • Complete the Prayer House Buildling
  • Complete the infrastructure on the land for water and road widening.
  • Furnish the buildling
  • Receive the Certificate of Occupancy.

Every gift has been a miracle and has moved us closer to having the building ready to be used.

It has been a special joy to hear from so many of you via the response cards sent with the mailing. We have received back requests for prayer, news from your lives (including a 98th birthday!) and encouragement to “keep doing what you are doing.”

Every word and the prayers that go with them are all appreciated.

With what we have in hand and what has come in so far in response:

  • The crawl space below the main chapel has been moisture-proofed.
  • Cabinets and interior doors have been ordered.
  • We are ordering the flooring at the end of July.
  • The builders are getting new bids from painters and we expect the interior painting to begin in August.

What will finish the PRMI Prayer House?

If all goes well with the builder, the building work on the Prayer House itself will finish in November.

But that does not mean we get to use it. We must complete additional requirements for the certificate of occupancy from the county.

We need to complete the outside work as well to start using the building:

  • Retaining walls
  • Outside pathways and lighting
  • Road widening required by the Fire Marshall,
  • Utilities and road drainage required for future development of the Community of the Cross.

This work needs to be completed before we can get a certificate of occupancy and use the building.

To Help Finish the PRMI Prayer House

Currently, we still estimate we need about $550,000 for the outside work, furnishings and equipment for the Prayer House, and fees to architects and engineers.  

We know this number seems huge, but we are so close and we have come so far.

We invite you to join us in praying in the remaining funds needed to obtain the certificate of occupancy. 

The Prayer House underway

You are invited to come in person, walk the land, and join us in prayer. 

Your gifts will help the PRMI Prayer House become this place of prayer, equipping, and sending as we prepare to partner with God and take our place in ushering in the next Great Awakening.

Thank you so much for your prayers for this project. And thank you to those of you who have already given to the PRMI Prayer House Capital Campaign.

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