As we prepare for the Next Great Awakening, we continue to look at how our physical buildings will contribute to ministry – both prayer and equipping.

The last few years we have concentrated on building the PRMI Prayer House. 

Here is the latest update on progress as of April 2022.

Construction of the PRMI Prayer House

Things are moving along very quickly with the PRMI Prayer House construction. The inside work is close to finished!

Flooring is all in, painting done, fixtures are being installed in the bathrooms and light fixtures are being hung. By the end of May we expect that we will be moving to the final work in the building itself. Praise the Lord! 

Moving into the Next Phase

 The next phase will be the outside work. We have a contractor to do the retaining walls, steps and walkways that will bring people into and around the building. That work should start in May and be completed by the end of July.  

After that it is the roadwork that needs to be done to bring the building up to fire code. This includes putting in the water lines and erosion control measures that need to be in place for this building as well as future development at the Community of the Cross. 

We are still in need of funds for the outside work and to furnish the Prayer House. 

What will it cost to complete the PRMI Prayer House?

We estimate this to be about $350,000 more. We have been hit with price increases in the past year through inflation of overall cost of materials. Both COVID and now inflation have led to many increases in cost since we started this project in 2019.  

In 2021 just under $350,000 came in for the PRMI Prayer House.

To date in 2022, $42,000 has been received. As of the end of April, we have just over $180,000 in the PRMI Prayer House fund.

The Lord has been supplying what we need through generous donors and surprise gifts that have come in the mail and online.  

Please join us in praying in the final funds needed to finish and furnish the PRMI Prayer House. We hope to have a certificate of occupancy by the Fall, but to do that we need the $350,000 additional funds.

I am so excited that I can send this gift as the building is almost completed. My husband is in the building business and what people don’t realize is that often it is at the end of the project with all the attention to details,  that the cost skyrocket.  And this is especially true now.   I am so excited about this and simply can’t wait for events to start taking place in this wonderful set apart holy space!  It will be the perfect location for healing prayer ministry in a context for encountering the love and presence of Jesus Christ.

Judy M.

See the PRMI Prayer House

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