In the past year and a half, we have had a lot of changes in the PRMI office staff.

In case you have not met or interacted with the new staff, we would like to introduce you to all of the people who serve you.

Cindy Ann Davis

PRMI Support Services

Cindy Ann Davis has been with us for more than a year. 

She is one of those people who retired from her previous job and then discovered she wasn’t quite ready to be at home that much! 

We are blessed to receive the benefit of her years of experience and tranquil personality to help keep us on an even keel. She has lived in Western North Carolina her whole life. She helps us connect to local culture. 

Cindy Ann was the office administrator during her first year with us. She has moved now into focusing on administration related to donor support. 

Angie Treadway

PRMI Financial Admin

Angie Treadway joined us in March of 2021. She is the Financial Administrator, but like all of the staff, there is more. 

She has had friends in PRMI since her days of working with the Presbyterian Lay Committee.

She has had adventures in places like Haiti while working in the field accounting departments for Samaritan’s Purse. 

We are grateful that she brings her non-profit experience and willingness to dig into a variety of projects.  

Victoria Geurink

PRMI Office Administrator

Victoria (Vicki) Geurink came to us from Michigan this past July. 

Her family has been deeply involved with PRMI since in our first Family Camps years ago. 

Vicki has had experience in a number of ministries and brings gifts of administration and hospitality.

She is ready to “get the job done” whether that is fixing door locks or power-washing the deck. 

Don’t worry, she also spends a lot of time at her desk answering phones and emails.  

Paul Lane

Technology Support Contractor

We also depend on Paul Lane, our tech support contractor.

Paul keeps our computers and network running. 

Darryl Gibbs

Maintenance Manager

Darryl Gibbs our Maintenance Manager. Darryl designs, builds, and fixes just about anything else around the Community of the Cross. 

These people all love the Lord and we are grateful that they have chosen to serve him here! 

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