PRMI Leadership Resource Videos

These online video resource centers are meant to serve the leaders involved in the ministry and mission of PRMI.

No Charge
Woman reading bible while standing in a church service.

Exousia Video Course and Library

Video Library to prepare you for leadership in PRMI

No Charge

Event Intercession

If you have some understanding of intercessory prayer, let us equip you with practical knowledge for interceding for a particular event.
Events can be anything from a church gathering to a large conference.

Video lens with the video facilitator training

Video Course Facilitator Training

The Dunamis Video Facilitators course is for those who will be leading the course in their local congregation.

No Charge

Raising Friends – Mission Support Training

Faculty Resource Center

This resource center is for Dunamis Faculty only.

You’ll need to login to your account to access these files. If you are a member of the Dunamis Fellowship International and wish to have access, please contact the office to arrange.

For Prayer Teams: Steps in Deliverance Process

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