PRMI Global Prayer Call

The Global Prayer Call provides an opportunity to join in the work of prayer that shapes the future. Through intercessory prayer, the Lord invites us to partner with him in seeking the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

These online prayer calls occur Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:00 noon Eastern (Adjust for your time zone). An additional prayer call takes place Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm Eastern. The calls take place over Zoom. 

 To connect:

Meeting ID: 464 198 533 

Passcode: 373689 

The Focus 

The prayer focus for Monday is the ministry of PRMI, its programs, staff, and the ministry of the Community of the Cross and the PRMI Prayer House. 

Wednesday’s prayer focus is open. The theme is determined by listening to the Holy Spirit. 

Friday is focused on praying for revival, renewal, and outpourings of the Holy Spirt that may lead to the Next Great Awakening. 

The Thursday evening prayer call is also open. The theme is determined by corporate listening prayer. 

Prayer Flow 

A key concept of each prayer call is taking time for listening prayer. To be led by the Holy Spirit, time is taken for everyone to listen to the Holy Spirit. The discernment forms the basis for the work of prayer that follows. This prayer takes place in small groups. 

After listening to the Holy Spirit in a quiet time, participants can share what they hear. This could be a bible verse, a picture, words from a song, or a word of knowledge or prophecy. These words are discerned as a group, and any themes are identified. 

Doing the work of prayer following the listening and discernment takes place in small groups. These groups usually consist of 3 to 5 people who pray into the themes and discernment that have been shared. Praying in smaller groups allows more opportunity for people to pray, and as the groups change each prayer call, it has the added advantage of creating fellowship among everyone. 

As the small groups regather, each group has an opportunity to share briefly about their prayer time. It is always amazing to hear how the Lord moved in each group. 

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