This past year we have been focusing on nurturing what has been planted in PRMI and discerning where the limits to growth are and how to overcome them. The August meeting of the PRMI Board was a time of celebrating progress and continuing to look to the future.

Some highlights:

PRMI Board and Staff began
each session with worship

This past year, as part of our progressive development of the Dunamis Institute, we developed a new event, Exousia- Equipping for Dunamis Leadership, which combines elements of our previous Spiritual Leadership course with specialized training for Dunamis Institute faculty and Dunamis Project track directors and team members. We also offered two other new events, With the Wind for young adults and Arts Alive.

We also continued to offer onsite events such as Ignite and the Dunamis Project as well as offering many online courses.

For next year, a Growing the Church event is being planned in West Michigan for a target audience of CRC and RCA pastors sometime in the spring of 2013. We also have a worship conference scheduled for next fall.

The Board and Staff together celebrated the faithfulness of constituents who support us through prayer, financial giving, and volunteering in so many ways.

We also looked ahead at new and continuing areas of growth. For years, we have been praying and exploring opportunities to do training for the Chinese Church. New doors now seem to be opening.  On September 14-22, Brad Long and John Chang will be traveling to Taiwan and Hong Kong to further explore relationships, partnerships and equipping opportunities.

Continuing development of facilities at the Community of the Cross was another subject of discussion. Building decisions not only involve the need for capital funds, but also juggling competing needs, infrastructure capacity and expense, sound issues and expense of ongoing maintenance. Options for expanding space for teaching, accommodations, cooking and serving food and prayer were reviewed.

Please pray for the Board and staff as they continue to seek God’s will and guidance for PRMI.

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