Pentecost falls on May 28 this year. It is a time to remember the power of the Holy Spirit and a great time to be Baptized with, or filled with the Holy Spirit!  

We are entering an extraordinary time of revival and renewal, as the Lord pours out His Spirit on people all over the world. This is happening in many places, including at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Jule Ann Martin, PRMI’s Coordinator for Intercessory Prayer at the Community of the Cross, and Victoria Geurink, PRMI’s Office Manager, were commissioned to go to Wilmore to take part. 

They sent back amazing, real-time reports confirming to us that this was an authentic move of God in which Jesus was manifesting as King and pouring out His Holy Spirit.   

This is not just happening in Asbury. During the past year we have seen the Holy Spirit being poured out again and again in events hosted at the Community of the Cross, and at the many Dunamis Project events taking place around the world.  

At these events, we are seeing people experience the empowering work of the Holy Spirit for the first time, which we describe as ‘Baptism with the Holy Spirit’. We are also seeing people continuing to receive and be empowered by the Spirit for the work of ministry and witness to Jesus Christ. This filling with the Holy Spirit is essential for revival. 

The vital importance of being baptized in, or filled with, the Holy Spirit for igniting and sustaining revivals is emphasized by Jessie Pen Lewis:     

“The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the ‘Essence of Revival‘, for Revival comes from a knowledge of the Holy Spirit, and the way of co-working with Him to enable His work in revival power 

The primary condition for revival is, therefore, that believers should individually know the Baptism with the Holy Ghost.    

This term is being used as a convenient expression for describing a definite influx of the Holy Spirit which thousands of believers throughout the Church of Christ have received as a definite experience. Such an infilling of the Spirit was the cause not only of the Revival in Wales in 1904-1905 but of all other revivals in the history of the world.”1  

Join us in preparing for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost.    

‘Praying for Pentecost’ Prayer Event 

Join us between Ascension Day (May 18, 2023) and Pentecost (May 28, 2023) as we pray and intercede together Preparing for Pentecost. We shall be using the Preparing for Pentecost Prayer Guide to give us these to pray into each day. 

We shall be praying at 12:00 pm Eastern Time (adjust for your time zone) and the prayer time will last about an hour.  

To register for the prayer call and receive the event information use the link below: 

Praying for Pentecost

‘Preparing for Pentecost’ Prayer Guide 

This ten-day prayer guide, for use between Ascension Day (May 18, 2023) and Pentecost (May 28, 2023), looks at how we can position ourselves to receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and, out of that empowerment, move into praying for renewal, revival, and outpourings of the Holy Spirit which may become the Next Great Awakening. 

Each day we shall use the acronym P.R.A.Y as a pattern for our prayers.  We shall Praise, Reflect, Ask, and Yield. This prayer guide can be used individually or in a small group setting.  

Preparing for Pentecost Prayer Guide

Pentecost Prayer & Praise

An online event May 22nd, hosted by the Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland, DFB&I) 

Join the DFB&I online to praise, worship, and pray together. On Monday, May 22, from 2:00 pm to 3:45 pm Eastern Time (7:00 – 8:45 pm BST), the DFB&I will be spending time in praise, worship, and prayer. They will also make space to wait on the Holy Spirit and invite Him to come in power to equip us to do all that He is calling us to do! 

Pentecost Prayer & Praise  

Praying for Empowerment  

On Pentecost Sunday, May 28, 2023, there will be further opportunities to worship, praise, and pray for the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. We hope that you will take part in some or all of these opportunities to understand and experience the empowering work of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost. 

1. Onsite at the Community of the Cross, May 28th

The worship and prayer time will begin at 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Pentecost Event

2. Online Worship and Prayer, May 28th

The Worship and prayer time will begin at 5:00 pm Eastern (adjust for your time zone). 

To register for this event, use the following link 

Worship & Prayer

  • This is the same link for the 10 days leading up to Pentecost Sunday. If you are not able to make it to any of the days of preparation, that is okay, we still look forward to celebrating and worshiping with you on Sunday, the 28th of May.  

Beyond Pentecost 

God empowers us through the Holy Spirit to be his witnesses in the world. As we pray for outpourings of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost we believe that the Lord is preparing to pour out waves of his Spirit in renewal, revival and awakening which could lead us into the Next Great Awakening.  

1.Join us in June at the Community of the Cross as we continue to pray and prepare for the Next Great Awakening. 

Next Great Awakening June 2023

To help you prepare for Pentecost and being empowered by the Holy Spirit we have several resources and opportunities available. These will help you understand, pray for, and experience the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. 

2.Baptism with the Holy Spirit- A free ebook

For more than 50 years, PRMI has been teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit around the world, enabling people to join in the dance of cooperation with Him. Our teaching is found in the materials of the Dunamis Project, and this free eBook gives a brief overview of the Biblical and practical understanding of what it means to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. 

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

3. How To Be Filled with the Holy Spirit – a four-part video course 

This four-part video course looks at what it means to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, and explains how you can pray to receive the empowering of the Holy Spirit for yourself. 

How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

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