As I write this I am at the five day, Dunamis equipping event on Spiritual Warfare in Flushing, New York. This is right in Chinatown and is mostly Chinese. In addition to the impact among the thousands of Chinese here in North America, we will be video taping this event to go on to the internet. It will be in Mandarin Chinese and in English. Please pray for our protection as well as for a great anointing of the Holy Spirit on the teaching. It is of critical importance that Christians be equipped for spiritual warfare as we take part in advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.

Camp Farthest Out
– by Pat Wannamaker

Camps Farthest Out (CFO) was started in 1930 on the island farthest out in the Atlantic off the coast of Maine and came to mean “go as far out as you can with Jesus!” And it was at just such a CFO camp in Oklahoma in 1966 that a group of Spirit-filled Presbyterian pastors gathered together and founded the Presbyterian Pastors Charismatic Communion which evolved over the years into PRMI.

This past summer at the Georgia Mountains CFO in Taccoa, Georgia, “The Walk” was introduced and led by Pat Wannamaker, Myrna Fouts, and Nancy Dunn, all participants in the first “Healing Week” prayer teams. We had been given permission to duplicate three of the brochures (The Vine, the Baptism, and Healing) for the CFO campers. It was a perfect fit, since one of CFO’s primary emphases has always been prayer.

The new dynamic in the Walk was the preeminence of posted Scriptures for fostering a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

We had a delightful wooded setting with some twelve “prayer points” along a trail down the mountainside to a lake and all around the chapel, from gazebos to meditation and rose gardens, to a sassafras hillside and to the communion/prayer room. The whole campus was covered with posted laminated Scriptures at each prayer point. In the “Creative Prayer” meeting room we had six prayer stations with large decorated poster boards full of God’s Word displayed on easels. We tried to duplicate the beauty and creativity we had experienced at Community of the Cross.

So the Word, the Spirit, and the power came full circle after forty-three years, and at Georgia Mountains CFO this past June/July, PRMI gifted CFO with “The Walk of Encounter with Jesus Christ.” Christ’s fragrance permeated the atmosphere all week long! HALLELU-YAH! (pictures attached)

Our prayer is that “The Walk” will spread through the 75+ CFO camps worldwide as the Spirit moves in majesty.

In His easy yoke with love,

Pat Wannamaker

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