Reports on how God is answering our prayers

Give thanks for a wonderful financial gift that was just received for the PRMI Legacy Fund for Advancing the Kingdom of God.

The gift was for $150,000. Pray that God will multiply this greatly so that we may have the financial resources needed to support this work, build the Community of the Cross and enable PRMI’s mission outreach work around the world.

Give thanks for the way God worked in Haiti – equipping Anglican clergy in gifts and power of the Holy Spirit

Report from – Gary Wybenga (Member of the PRMI Dunamis Fellowship)

(Note: Gary has been a member of teams led by Marge Van Meter who have traveled to Haiti to teach the Dunamis Project material to Anglican clergy there, most recently teaching on “The Healing Ministry of Jesus”. The following report came after Gary attended an event sponsored and led by the Haitian leaders who are now using what they have learned at those Dunamis Projects to teach others. )

“I am back from the Gateways retreat in Haiti. It was awesome! Below is a brief recap of the week.

We traveled to Montrouis late Tuesday morning. We returned to Port-au-Prince early afternoon Friday. The days between consisted of early morning to late night worship and learning. The retreat was coordinated by the Emmaus Community of Holy Trinity Cathedral. (Sadoni is the president of Emmaus Community.) The leaders of Emmaus organized the “spiritual retreat” and hand-picked the 30+ lay leaders and seminarians who attended.

I taught two sections of the Gateways material. The remaining sections were taught by a founding Emmaus Community priest, Pere Colbert, Pere Deravil, and seminarian Frederic Nevelar. Pere Sadoni Leon provided overall leadership of the teaching sessions.

The attendees were eager to learn and absorb the material. Their questions were very thought provoking. As is typical, worship was phenomenal. And, our prayer times were passionate. The food and fellowship was great too.

I received many positive comments, which were directed toward praising God for the awesome learning about the Holy Spirit. I can see how God is using the Dunamis teaching to mold and shape our Haitian friends in their thinking and living as Christ followers.

Especially meaningful for me was the time I spent praying with people. Early in the week, a young man approached me for prayer about his employment situation. In part, he made the request due to an amazing turn of events in a friend’s life. His friend, who I prayed with last summer, received the blessing of employment. As the young man told the story, I vividly remembered his friend and our prayer. His was a very desperate and hopeless situation. I recalled the sadness of long-term joblessness and poverty, which would only be solved by a miracle from the Heavenly Father. I praise God for His action! In granting this brother a job, God increased the faith of many. It is awesome to see the Lord advance His kingdom in power.

Praising God with you,

— Gary Wybenga

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