To The Ends Of The Earth

Nations Of The World

The format of the Mobile Dunamis being developed for China and the Spanish-speaking world has the potential to get past barriers of culture and economics, and government or religious persecution.

Pray for this Dunamis Teaching to follow those waves of the Holy Spirit that are advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth. The vision and strategy being revealed to us in the Mobile Dunamis may fit with God’s plans to bring the Gospel to the following areas:

  1. To the Muslim world where there is the unity of government as well as religious and cultural authority to bind people to deception. Pray that God will use the DI Teaching Materials to not only encourage secret believers but to lead them to be filled with the Holy Spirit for empowerment of the Holy Spirit to witness in that place of persecution.   This is already happening in our Prayer Course in Urdu.
  1. To those locations where there is severe government persecution against the Church of Jesus Christ as in North Korea and in some locations in China.   Pray for this teaching to get past all the barriers of government oppression

  2. There may be other areas where the Holy Spirit is moving and advancing the Gospel but is needing good equipping of both the leaders and people of the church. Where are those places where there is this need but there are the blocks of poverty or geographic isolation that prevents access to the type of good biblical teaching provided by the Dunamis Institute?   For instance, this is the case in many parts of Africa and many other parts of the world was well.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for the Dunamis Teaching to go wherever the Holy Spirit is at work.
  • In addition to our work in the UK, Canada and US, we currently have teams working in Japan, S. Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, South Sudan, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Panama.
  • Pray for the advancing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that believers may be called empowered and equipped to grow as Jesus Disciples and be His effective witnesses.

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