China: Mobile Dunamis and Launching Dunamis Schools

On the Great Wall of China Praying for a Greater Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 2004

On the Great Wall of China Praying for a Greater Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 2004

In 1990 I (Brad Long) received a vision for mainland China, after leaving Taiwan where I had served for 9 years as a Presbyterian Missionary. It came when the Rev. Ted Elles and others were laying hands on me at a Prayer Mountain in Canada.   In prayer with the eyes of the Holy Spirit, I saw myself with a team from America and Taiwan, in what seemed to be three prophetic scenarios:

  1.  We were in seminary classrooms packed with eager students seeing them empowered to ignite great movements of the Holy Spirit.
  1. In the halls of power with top communist government officials, a team presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, as the way to a peaceful free, productive, and harmonious society.
  1. Vast crowds gathered at Tiananmen Square, with teams from all nations presenting the Gospel with signs and wonders, seeing millions of Chinese coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Praying at Chinese SeminaryAfter over ten years of praying into this vision, there was break through!

In 2012 while John Chang and I were teaching at a Chinese Seminary in California the Holy Spirit fell upon us giving a vision of PRMI and the Dunamis Project’s role in the Holy Spirit’s strategy for fulfilling Acts 1:8, 2:17 and ICor 12:7 so that millions of Chinese may be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit play their role in growing the Church, transforming society and fulfilling the Great Commission.   The guidance from this vision has been carefully discerned and is described below as Mobile Dunamis Vision for China.


Prayer Points

  • Leadership – Pray for the Lord to raise up a Chinese Speaking DI Faculty for this work. Pray also for John Chang, Jidong Shan, and Brad Long as they are the ones who are tasked with the preparation of materials.
  • Equipping Resources – Pray for the development and distribution of the “Mobile Dunamis Equipping School Curriculum”. Also pray for the development of Equipping Bases where leaders may come to be trained to start their own Dunamis training schools locally.Mobile Dunamis USB Drives
  • Provision – Pray in the $150,000 needed each year to accomplish this vision.
  • Results – Pray for the Holy Spirit to accomplish the following through this vision over the next ten years:
  1. Establish hundreds of Dunamis Equipping Schools in China and the rest of the Chinese world.
  2. Equip thousands of anointed, commissioned leaders who can pass on the Dunamis Teaching to millions of Christians.
  3. Bring millions of people from China and all nations to faith in Jesus Christ, being born again into the Kingdom of God.

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