The Vision of Mobile Dunamis

Dr Brad Long Teaching In UgandaThe purpose of the PRMI Dunamis Project, that is supported by the Dunamis Institute, is to provide the venues for God the Father to continue fulfilling Acts 1:4-5,8 – calling, empowering, equipping and deploying those Jesus is calling to the essential leadership roles for building the Church and advancing the Kingdom of God.

The vision of Mobile Dunamis is to take that same training about and experiencing of the empowering work of the Holy Spirit far beyond those in key leadership roles to include all whom Jesus Christ has called to follow Him.

“The promise (the gift of the Holy Spirit) is for you and your children and for all who are far off–for all whom the Lord our God will call.” Acts 2:38-39

Participants at a Dunamis ProjectIn the Mobile Dunamis Jesus Christ is calling us to adapt the delivery and presentation of this teaching in such a way that He can fulfill the promises given of the all-inclusive working of the Holy Spirit.  To do this we have been developing two approaches for content dissemination.

The first approach is to develop Equipping Bases to grow a network of leaders who will be equipped and anointed and authorized to start Equipping Schools in their local contexts. The second approach is to distribute the course on flash drives and over the internet like windblown seeds to land on fertile soil and be used how the Holy Spirit desires.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that PRMI will be able to have the vision, the anointing, the guidance and the means, to cooperate with Jesus Christ in fulfilling the Father’s plan for “pouring out the Holy Spirit on all people”, including men and women, old and young, of every social class and every economic level.
  • Pray that all who have been and will be born again into the Kingdom of God will able to take part in being witnesses to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the open doors into the contexts that the Lord is calling us into.
  • Pray for the laborers who will be ready to take participate with the Holy Spirit in this incredible work.

Participants in Taiwan Dunamis Project

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