SEND: Praying for the Kingdom ASSET – The Mobile Dunamis

As we move forward according to Jesus’ guidance, these assets will serve like the three sails of a boat to enable PRMI to take part in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit.  The front sail is the Jib – it pulls the ship forward but also provides stability for the main sail.

This is the Mobile Dunamis, which is engagement in missions! It is missions focused on Jesus Christ that keeps us balanced and moving forward. The end goal for all this is the fulfillment of the Great Commission. It is missions in Jesus Christ which is only possible with the means that God the Father has given, which is in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.

The Purpose of Mobile Dunamis by providing the means for fulfilling Acts 1:8 enabling millions of Christians to being empowered by the Holy Spirit for doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Week 4: SEND Day 1

The Vision of Mobile Dunamis

Week 4: SEND Day 2

Chinese Mobile Dunamis and Launching 1000’s of Dunamis Schools in China

Week 4: SEND Day 3

Creating Mobile Dunamis for the Spanish speaking world

Week 4: SEND Day 4

Pray for the Dunamis Teaching to “Go Mobile” all over the western world

Week 4: SEND Day 5

Pray for the Dunamis Teaching to “Go Mobile” all over the rest of the world

Week 4: SEND Day 6

Pulling this all together

Week 4: SEND Day 7

Pray that your local congregation will Grow its witness to Jesus Christ

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