Getting the roof of the Prayer Porch completed – just in time for the winter snow!

Praise God we are nearly finished with the building of the riverside prayer deck and porch. This is the place of re-commitment to Jesus Christ in our Prayer Pattern using places on the land at the Community of the Cross.

This new structure is really beautiful and draws us right into prayer!

We have had teams working on construction of the prayer deck and porch all fall. The Lord told us that the Community of the Cross would be built by many hands and this is exactly what is happening. We have also had many gifts to pay for the design and materials.

John Bassie drove for two days in his pickup truck with his toolbox in the back, down from Acton, Canada to work with Arthur Horton this last week to get the cedar shingle roof finished.

The shingles come from Canada and so it was most appropriate that a Canadian complete the work. John and his wife, Sandy, and son, Jacob, helped build the Ascension Point Longview Prayer Chapel.

Brewster Ward is our gifted architect who listens to the Holy Spirit and seeks to create holy space where the Holy Spirit can draw us into encounters with Jesus Christ.

Already the Community of the Crossis becoming a place of prayer and we are seeing more people come to walk the trails and to pray. The next step in this prayer work will be to start on the Prayer House for Intercessory Prayer.

It is a great adventure building the Community of the Cross. Jesus told us that He would build it! So this requires doing everything in prayer and seeking guidance each step of the way. We are seeing Jesus build this place and the vision of the Community of the Cross being a place of encounter with Jesus Christ is being fulfilled.

Thanks for all who gave to buy the materials for this project and for praying this into reality.

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