When the Lord first birthed the vision of the Community of the Cross, He told us, “A place of prayer must be built through prayer.” Well that is happening!

First is the way that the Holy Spirit directed us in building this prayer porch.

The directions came through a vision that was given to Cindy Strickler of the four places for prayer.

The Lord showed her a pattern for prayer at the Community of the Cross. The first place was to be the place of recommitment to Jesus Christ and was to be built by the river.

A video by Brad Long – Showing you our new prayer place at the Community of the Cross.

The second way is in the actual design and building itself.

The prayer deck and porch are being built by Arthur Horton and Brewster Ward, who are both men of prayer. Brewster prays for the design and Arthur prays for the guidance of how to practically build what Brewster is envisioning. They are both building this place for Jesus.

In a conference call today, we received the guidance that both needed to be prayed for in their work. So I am enclosing a picture of the two of them at the new entrance way to the prayer place. Brewster designed it, Arthur built it, and then a team of volunteers from Clinchfield Presbyterian Church joined in putting it up. If the Lord is moving you to pray for them please let us know. As this prayer deck and porch comes together it is truly creating a place that is set apart for the work of prayer.

Arthur Horton (left) and Brewster Ward (right) At the Gateway to the Prayer Deck

The third way that this is being built by prayer is by praying in the money and hands to build it. This is truly a stepping out in faith. We have received gifts of $11,925 so far and we have spent $11,834. A lot of this went into buying materials but $7,698 has gone toward the cost of having Brewster and Arthur working on this. They are providing the foundational design and skilled carpentry work that volunteers are able to help with. Unfortunately, we have been really pressed to have the number of volunteers that we need. We have two groups coming in October and there has been a lot of help from men from Clinchfield Presbyterian Church, where Arthur is an elder and my wife, Laura, is pastor. We need to pray for more volunteers to help with the work.

As we look at the needs ahead we need to pray for provision to buy the rest of the materials. We just ordered $5,200 of materials for the next phase of the building which will get the screened in prayer porch ready for the teams to work on in October. Add to that another $3,000 of Arthur and Brewster’s time, so that means at least $8,200 to get the place ready for the volunteers to raise the roof and sides.

When they get here it will cost another $5,000 to buy the materials for the roof and sides! In addition, there will be more design and supervisory work from Brewster and Arthur.

We really need your prayer as we move toward completion of this project. When we first started on it there was a sense of urgency about building this place of prayer. Actually even though it is still not been completed it has already had much use. Many people, including the PRMI Board of directors and staff, have spent a time in prayer on the deck. In addition, the third Saturday of each month we have offered a prayer walk which begins here. It is already serving as a place of prayer.

If you are led to help in any way please let me know.

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