Have you ever wondered how you could become more effective in prayer ministry?

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, PRMI had its first Prayer Minister Gathering at the Community of the Cross.

Often when prayer ministers meet it is for the purpose to pray or intercede for an individual or a PRMI conference. While ministry to others is a joy, this time was different.

This was a refreshing opportunity to sit with each other over a cup of coffee and simply have the space to share.

Prayer MInisters around the table at the Community of the Cross
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Prayer Ministers around the table at the Community of the Cross

We discussed what the Lord is doing in our various contexts of ministry; our family, churches, volunteer work, etc. We also shared what the Lord is teaching us in prayer ministry and the areas that we would like to grow in.

There were a variety of topics brought up, such as generational healing, deliverance ministry, and mental illness. We shared experiences, struggles and bounced ideas off each other.

The gathering ended with a corporate time of prayer and meditation on a Psalm.

Plans for Future Training and Equipping

The vision for these Gatherings is to nurture the prayer ministry community by providing a space where those ministering can connect with one another and grow in ministry.

One of the great calls and challenges to the ministry of PRMI is to see prayer as an avenue to usher the wholeness of Christ in people’s lives, and to do that by raising up eager and gifted prayer ministers.

Therefore, the purpose of these meetings is to nurture, build up, and equip the prayer minister community.

The goal is to meet three times a year with the next gathering in early summer. While this first gathering was more of a “brainstorming” session, the ones to follow will include a workshop on a topic of interest.

Your Next Step

If you are interested in participating in prayer ministry at the Community of the Cross and would like more information, please contact Rebecca Modrzynski at rebecca@prmi.org.

To learn more about PRMI’s teaching about prayer and the role it plays in our ministry, please click on the icon below.

Rev. Rebecca Modrzynski

Rebecca Modrzynski, Coordinator of Healing Prayer Ministry
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Coordinator of Healing Prayer Ministry at the Community of the Cross

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