Dear Friends,

It has been a while since I wrote an update and I want to bring you in on where we are with the PRMI Prayer House.  

We can celebrate that: 

  • All windows and exterior doors are in place
  • The house is insulated and dry wall is up 
  • The outside siding is complete 
  • The electrical system and heating and air is installed and turned on
  • The entrance way is being done 

Thank you for praying for all this work – and for your generous gifts that have made it all possible. 

Financial Status 

In January, the PRMI Board of Directors launched a $1.3M capital campaign to finish the PRMI Prayer House. You may have received printed materials in the mail as well in July. 

Since January 1, 2020 (numbers rounded to nearest $1,000): 

  • We have received just under $260,000 in gifts.  
  • We have spent about $520,000, using reserves from prior years. 

After paying bills Sept 9th we will have just over $38,000 left in the bank for the project. We will need to wait on God’s timing and your generosity to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy. 

What’s Next 

We estimate about $900,000 will complete the project, keeping in line with the 1.3M capital campaign for 2020. 

There are some specific projects that can be supported now towards the full balance needed to complete the PRMI Prayer House.    

Join us in praying for these areas: 

  1. $3,700 to hard wire the house for networking and live streaming. 
  1. $13,000 for cabinets: 50% of this is needed to order the cabinets and the balance is due when they are installed. It takes 6-8 weeks to order the cabinets, so with $7,500 in hand, we can go ahead and put the deposit down and get the process in motion. The balance would be due after installation. 
  1. $32,500 for the interior doors: Like the cabinets, 50% is due when the order is placed and the balance due when the doors are installed. It takes 6-8 weeks for the doors to come in. With $16,250 we can order the doors and then will need the rest a couple months later when it is time to install the doors. 
  1. $58,500 for flooring: We need to purchase the flooring and have it in the house to “climatize” for two weeks before it can be installed. The materials alone are $15,600. If we have the money for the flooring, we can get it right away and have it ready to install when the rest of the funds come in. 

We have been able to save nearly $100,000 in the site and road work, (number approximate).   

The remaining $900,000 need will finish the construction, acquire office furnishings and equipment, sound system for the meeting spaces, and everything else we’d need to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.  

There will be site work and landscaping that needs to happen as well before we can get a certificate of occupancy.  

Next Steps 

With $38,000 in hand as of September 9th, construction will come to a halt until God provides more funds through His people.  

The house is weatherized. With the air running, it can be kept climatized and dry until the Lord provides the money to move forward.  

Griffin Construction tells me that it will take about 3 months for them to complete the work on the house once the funds arrive after all those materials listed above have arrived. 

Continue in Faith 

The balance of $900,000 seems like a HUGE amount – and it is.  

But the Lord has said that he will supply what we need as we need it. We’ve been praying for years and years.   

Thank you again for your partnership with this amazing project. Below are more pictures of the PRMI Prayer House right now – and some from when the PRMI Board met the last week of August. 

A house of prayer can only be built by prayer. Please pray with us for the provision needed to complete this project. 

Thank you so much,

Cindy Strickler 
PRMI Dunamis

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