I am looking back over the year of 2014 giving thanks for all the Lord has done to His Glory!

I also give thanks to you for praying, giving and participating in this worldwide move of the Holy Spirit to which the Father has called us for the purpose of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Celebrate Generosity

First, I want to report and give praise for $156,103 that was given in December.

While this did not reach our year end goal, we are grateful for what did come in and it is about $27,600 more than what came in December 2013.

(This is $15,000 more than originally reported because of the late arrival of a 2014 check!)

This is wonderful and we thank all of you for your prayer and support.

What God has done

I’d like to share here a glimpse of God’s amazing grace through two stories of people who experienced the direct impact of this ministry. 

Consider what your financial gifts, prayers and friendship have enabled to take place!

Growth in a local church-

“We, the congregation and friends of New Hope Church, were first introduced to the teachings of PRMI through the Ignite series of seminars.  We have since offered the Dunamis courses at our Summer of Studies evening programs and our adult Sunday morning classes.

“The Scriptures were opened in a way that revealed the nature and working of the Holy Spirit, allowing us to live in the ministry Jesus intended us to do.  Praying by the power of the Holy Spirit has become a part of our Sunday time of worship as people have stepped forward in ministry to become prayer intercessors for the congregation and worship leaders.

“Our focus of ministry will always be on Jesus Christ, but we now rely on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit to accomplish what our Lord would have us be and do for His glory.  It is our hope to continue on this journey with our friends at PRMI by presenting the Growing Your Church curriculum at New Hope.”

(Rich Zoltak, Elder, New Hope Presbyterian Church, North Huntingdon Beach, PA)

Dunamis Mission

“One Nicaraguan pastor planted a church 9 years ago within months of becoming a Christian himself.  As our team met him the day of an Ignite seminar, he revealed his overwhelming excitement and anticipation that he would receive good teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  “Teaching ministries don’t come to our town, so I don’t receive good teaching often,” he shared.

“As the Holy Spirit fell upon the crowd of people he had gathered, many experienced a fresh touch of the Father’s love.  During the debriefing, the pastor gathered a team to start planning the next event with Dunamis for 2015.  Over and over again, he expressed his appreciation for solid biblical teaching that can help him pastor his church.”

Rev. Chris Walker, PRMI Ministry Staff and Director of Mission to the Americas

Stories like these encourage us by displaying the wonderful fruit of the vision of PRMI.

How to pray with us in 2015

We believe that our God is giving some guidance and opening some doors to PRMI heading into 2015. 

We bring these leadings to you for prayer first, as well as to welcome any guidance and discernment you may receive.

We are so involved in looking at these issues, so close to them, that we know how necessary it is to hear from you, our committed prayer partners, who have some distance to help discern the Lord’s way ahead for PRMI.

»    Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016

We began with prayer in 2014 and continue to ask our Father to supply all the Kingdom Assets needed for the next 50 years. 2016 is our 50th anniversary!

PRMI Kingdom Assets

Equip:  Expand the Dunamis Institute to organize, oversee and deliver all of our equipping ministries in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, beginning with our signature teaching, The Dunamis Project. A primary focus of this work is equipping and deploying a growing number of anointed teachers, prayer ministers, and leaders who make possible this worldwide ministry.

Build: Erect the physical facilities needed at the Community of the Cross to house and accommodate our growing ministry needs.

Send :Enlarge the scope and dissemination of Dunamis by use of the Mobile Dunamis.   Already up and running in the Chinese world, the Mobile Dunamis is now headed to the Spanish-speaking world.  We praise the Lord for the miracle of the computer flash drive on which a whole unit, or two, of Dunamis plus a Bible program can be copied, to be placed into the hands of hungry Christian leaders to instruct their flocks, so that ultimately millions of believers may be filled with the Holy Spirit and become empowered witnesses to Jesus Christ.

Thank you for joining us in this prayer focus.

Here is a preview of a video that we will be sharing at PRMI events this spring.

May we send you a Kingdom Opportunity Prayer Guide?

You can find this online or  we can mail you a printed copy.

Community of the Cross Gate Post
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To our surprise, the Lord told us to set aside focus on the second Asset, buildings at the Community of the Cross.

At our Ministry Team meeting in December, we received the following guidance that we have shared with the PRMI Board for their discernment, and ask you to join us in praying about as well.   In summary, we felt the Lord saying,

“My Spirit is moving in the Equip and Send Kingdom Assets.  Focus all your energy and time on those initiatives as they are vital for advancing my Kingdom and growing the Church.”

Then we believe the Lord said,

“At just the right time, I will move those who are called and able to give the money needed to build the buildings at the Community of the Cross that you have already designed and planned.”

Over the past ten years we have been obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and have designed the buildings and invested in the sewage and water infrastructure needed at the Community of the Cross.  When the Lord sends the money, we are ready to begin actual construction.
We have submitted this word to the PRMI Board for their discernment. It came to us as a huge relief as it seemed to us that to focus on raising the money for the buildings would take us away from the vital work of ministry.  It is ministry in the name of Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit that will actually fill up the buildings, not just at the COC, but other places as well.   For now that must be our priority!

» Ministry to Youth and Young Adults:

Josh Modrzynski is being called away from PRMI to pastor Riceville Valley Community (EPC) Church, Asheville, North Carolina.

We are all really excited for Josh as he is in the process of being called to pastor this local church.

I am especially pleased that his call is just a few miles away from us not only so that we can see Rebecca, Josh and our grandchildren, but also so that they can continue to participate now and then in ministry at PRMI.

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That being said, we are really going to miss Josh as Dean of Students of the Dunamis Institute as well as the one developing our online courses.

We are also going to miss him as Director of PRMI’s Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

In the past two years we have seen an explosion of participation in Youth and Young Adult activities.

Upward Challenge is now offered in four locations.

In 2012 we piloted With the Wind for post-high school young adults and the Arise Internship. With the Wind is now offered in two locations and growing every year.

It goes without saying that Josh’s departure from PRMI leaves a gaping hole in our staff.  Thank you in advance for asking our Father to supply leaders to keep these ministries growing. We will be looking for a staff person to coordinate Youth and Young Adult work. Pray with us for the right person to come forward and for the resources needed to pay this person.

Without distracting you from these prayer requests, let me whisper in your ear that the Lord may have a plan to add to the land of the Community of the Cross that would allow us to greatly expand Upward Challenge.

There is a rustic youth camp across the valley from the Community of the Crosswhich is for sale and that a group has been praying to become available to PRMI for that very purpose.  This came on us suddenly at the end of last year.  It is not a component of Kingdom Assets 2014-2016.

I’ll say just that much so as not to divert your attention from the prayer requests I name explicitly.  We are going to be seeking God’s guidance about this at the PRMI Board Meeting. Call or email the PRMI office for more information if the Lord leads you.

» The need for an anointed leader to help ignite moves of the Holy Spirit in local congregations.

We are so excited about how God is blessing Ignite!  Even though Ignite events are shorter than many of our events (lasting just 1-2 days) and use a small team (2-4 people), we see wonderful results as we go into local churches to offer teaching on the Holy Spirit in order to ignite a move of the Holy Spirit in the congregation.

We see opportunity to expand. For many years, Jeanne Kraak has been both administrating and teaching most of the material.  We really need a clergy person who can join her.  This person would have a real love of the local congregation, and an apostolic anointing to go in to ignite, without blowing up or burning down, a congregation in this work of the Holy Spirit.   This person needs an anointing not only to raise the prayer and financial support but also to raise up others anointed to be on the teams.

We want to see congregations grow in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. But before that can happen, they need to be ignited in the work of the Holy Spirit.

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We will propose this as a new ministry role on the PRMI staff, initially focused on the United States.

Please pray about this as we present it to the PRMI Board of Directors and the Dunamis Fellowship International.   This is a huge need.  Surely there is someone out there who knows PRMI’s teaching on the Holy Spirit who has the gifts and calling to see this happen.

»   Pray for all that is needed to launch the Spanish Mobile Dunamis in 2015.

As the Chinese portion of Mobile Dunamis has been launched and will need to continue to be upheld through prayer as well as supported through financial gifts, we now have been led to add the next phase to the Mobile Dunamis: to prepare the Dunamis teaching in mobile form so it can be used all over the Spanish-speaking world.

The Walker Family
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The Walker Family

In August, Chris Walker and family left their home in Panama after 7 years of fruitful service.  They have moved to the USA so that Chris can join our ministry team to develop this work.

Join us in praying for the vision of training Spanish-speaking Christians to dance with the Holy Spirit as empowered witnesses to Jesus Christ.  In 2015, we aim to accomplish the following:

A.    Launch a Spanish speaking Dunamis Track in the United States.
B.    Hold a Growing the Church Event in Nicaragua.
C.    Host at least two Spanish language Ignite events in the United States.
D.    Gather a team for teaching and adapting Gateways materials into a form of the Mobile Dunamis.
E.    Start developing the first video materials for Dunamis units 1 and 2.

As part of this work, Chris will continue to return to Latin America six to eight times a year to develop and sustain our Dunamis Tracks, continue to equip leaders, and pioneer new development.

As a pioneer launch, it is going to require the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the right people, and about $100,000 this year to get this all started. We spent about $200,000 getting the Chinese Mobile Dunamis launched.

» Ask the Lord for His provision for PRMI’s role in advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

As we look at all this, obviously it is impossible!  Especially when we consider that we are called to sustain all of the ongoing ministry that God is so greatly blessing at the same time.  But we believe that God is calling us in these directions.

To accomplish all this please join us in praying in the $960,000 needed for the 2015 budget and even more to seize opportunities that the Holy Spirit has not yet revealed to us.

Pray that the Lord will speak to call and anoint all of the people worldwide who are needed to provide the teaching, prayer, and leadership for this ministry to happen.

Above all, pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out worldwide to ignite congregations and to advance the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
We are thrilled about the way our Lord is at work. We have been privileged to cooperate with Him in 2014 and are ready to move forward with Him into this next year.   Thank you for joining us in asking our Father that His will be done

At our December Staff prayer meeting we started off making a list of everything that had been accomplished in 2014 for the glory of God.  It is a very long list!!  And we all gave thanks.

But afterward I was looking at the list and amazed at what God had done, I said to Him and myself, “Wow, Lord, you did all that with this little staff!”   The Lord gave me a quick rebuke!

He said, “Yes, your faith and obedience is important but that is only part of the reason why I have been able to do so much for my glory!”

Then suddenly I had a vision of all the programs and ministries of PRMI like boats carried along rushing rivers of the Holy Spirit.  Then I saw the river of the Spirit take on the form of uplifted hands, indeed, the river was flowing through hands!

The Lord said to me, “Those lifted hands are all the people who are receiving the gift of faith.  In great faith they are praying and giving and participating in this work.

As they do, they are all providing the way for my Holy Spirit to move.  Without them, the ministries of PRMI would be like boats stuck on dry land.”

With that I got on my knees and gave thanks to my Lord for all of you who are called to join this ministry with your prayers, gifts, and active involvement.  You welcome the river of God to flow with such life and power.   I am still giving thanks for all of you. Thank you!

In December of 2014 we held a ministry team meeting over a couple of days for prayer and discernment at the Community of the Cross.

We were further favored by the Lord as we praised and thanked Him for all of His blessings of the past year. 

That He has used the ministries and people of PRMI to His glory in these magnificent ways is humbling to us. 

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