We want to thank everyone who has prayed and given to build the Prayer Deck and Porch.

The response has been amazing. At this point we have received enough financial gifts to cover the cost of materials and the carpentry work of Arthur and design work of Brewster.

We have a policy that we always let you know the need but then when that need is met, we let you know so that we do not raise more money than is actually needed. So thank you!

We have many other needs, especially for the general funds, but at least this particular need – building the prayer porch – has been met. Praise the Lord!

prayer deck at the Community of the Cross

Walkway from Prayer Porch towards Prayer Deck

Prayer Porch at the Community of the Cross

Roof trusses being installed on the Prayer Porch by work team from New Hampshire

View from Prayer Deck at the Community of the Cross

View from Prayer Deck at the Community of the Cross

By the way some people had complained that they could not download the online movies. So I have shifted to a different file format that is much quicker on download over the internet. The quality is not as good, but it should work better. Anyway here we are!!! …giving you a glimpse of the work that is going on.

Arthur has been working very hard, with the help of Brewster, our architect and some men from my wife Laura’s church to get this all ready for the work team that is here this week from New Hampshire. Please remember to keep both Arthur and Brewster in your prayers!

The work team from New Hampshire hopes to complete the project while they are here. Actually as I send this out they are here working on the project and making great progress.

While the prayer deck is certainly completed and very attractive, it is not the structure that is so important, it is the work of prayer that is taking place that is significant. There is an ongoing work of prayer at the Community of the Cross which does indeed touch the world.


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