At this midway point in our Ten-Year Development Plan and preparing for the next 50 years of ministry, the amazing opportunity that Jesus Christ has given us is to draw together PRMI’s anointed people, organization and materials into three Kingdom Assets. They are:

  1. The Dunamis Institute
  2. The Program Facilities at the Community of the Cross
  3. The Mobile Dunamis

These are not new.

What is new is the call to focus on building these particular assets which are interrelated and we believe will be catalytic for the whole ministry.

As we move forward according to His guidance these assets will serve like the three sails of a boat to enable PRMI to take part in the world-wide movement of the Holy Spirit.

In order for these Assets to be fully developed, we need three forms of Kingdom Provision:

  1. Prayer – To sustain this movement of the Holy Spirit
  2. Participation – Anointed and gifted people deployed to provide the ministries and build the buildings
  3. Financial Support – To support anointed people and to implement programs and build facilities

This Kingdom Opportunity is open to everyone called by Jesus Christ who shares this vision. For which Kingdom Asset do you have a heart? How is Jesus calling you to participate?

Please pray for guidance of how Jesus may be calling you to take part in advancing His Kingdom through this stream of the Holy Spirit.

See Brad Long present this vision in the short video below. More information will follow in the coming months. Until then, be praying about your role!

More about the Three Kingdom Assets

Equipping Stream Peer Group

Equipping Stream Peer Group

Putting in place the Dunamis Institute faculty, organization and communication systems for:

  • Developing and managing the teaching curriculum.
  • Equipping and deploying thousands of teachers and leaders for growing PRMI’s Equipping Ministries that support the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit.
  • Implementing the mentoring process to enable the constant transfer from one generation of anointed leaders to the next through Equipping Streams.


Rendering of the Prayer House

Rendering of the Prayer House

Building at the Community of the Cross:

the prayer house, teaching center, accommodations and office, for housing the prayer, equipping and sending base to sustain this tributary of the world-wide movement of the Holy Spirit advancing the Gospel for Jesus Christ.

Implementing the Mobile Dunamis Equipping Curriculum and Strategy, first in Chinese and then in English and Spanish:

The Mobile Dunamis is designed to get past the barriers of cost, lack of leisure time for extensive study, isolation, political and religious oppression to provide biblically balanced theologically sound practical teaching.

The strategy is to release the curriculum like wind-blown seeds, over the internet and on flash drives, for wide and inexpensive dissemination, to be used by the Holy Spirit to bring people into His empowering work. The overall goal of the Mobile Dunamis Kingdom Asset is to provide the means for millions of Christians to be raised up as empowered witnesses to Jesus Christ in many nations.

32 gig jump drives used to transport the Dunamis teaching materials

32 gig jump drives used to transport the Dunamis teaching materials

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