Each time we go through a strategic season of ministry for the Kingdom of God, we end up with major spiritual warfare.

You’ve likely seen it in your own work in cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Once again, PRMI seems to be in one of those periods of counter attack in which we need prayer for guidance, protection and financial provision.

Please pray for us – the ministry and people of PRMI!

Rev. John Chang and Dr. Brad Long teaching
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Rev. John Chang and Dr. Brad Long teaching in Taiwan

1) Pray for protection – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pray for staff and their families. Also pray for protection, physically and spiritually, for the Community of the Cross.

The staff of PRMI
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The staff of PRMI

2) For Chris Walker and his family as they move from Panama back to the US and Chris transitions into an expanded role with PRMI.

3) Pray that if there is any “sin in the camp” on our part blocking God’s provision, or if we have in any way missed the guidance of the Holy Spirit that it will be revealed to us and we can get back on the right track.

4) Pray that the “Goliath, clothed in black” that one of our board members saw in a prayer vision will be bound in the name of Jesus Christ.

5) Pray for freedom from distractions – conflicts, “rabbit trails”, anything that uses up time and energy that is not accomplishing God’s purposes.

6) It seems that there is a stranglehold on our finances. The result is that our PRMI ministry staff has missed three paychecks. We are way behind and do not have enough money to pay for airline tickets for strategic ministry events here in the USA and Canada starting in August and September. Pray for release of the Lord’s provision and discernment about anything that is getting in the way.

7) There has been so much recent work to advance the kingdom of God. We see God equipping the Chinese to take the Gospel to the Muslim world. Pray that there is not interference with how God is using PRMI to train the Chinese.

Please share your prayers and discernment via the comments section below.

Jesus has told us to ask in faith. Pray that we have the faith to receive everything He has for us.

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