Our prayers for opening doors this week:

Please pray especially for the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland. After having received such guidance from the Holy Spirit to move out in obedience they need strong covering and spiritual protection. Please pray for each of the new program directions they have been led by the Holy Spirit to undertake. These are:

1. A Mission Team going to Nigeria in August 2009 to complete the International Dunamis School.

2. Starting Upward Challenge Youth Ministry in the UK in 2010.

3. Implementing a new Dunamis Project in the North East Midlands around Nottingham.

4. Starting in London a Dunamis Project which is intentionally multicultural and would also welcome participants from Africa and Europe.

5. Building the support base for the Dunamis Fellowship International itself. Especially the “Dunamunch”, the gatherings around food for prayer and fellowship in various parts of England.

Pray also for the wide open door in the Christian Reformed Church in North America that has welcomed the work of the Holy Spirit in so far as it stays faithful to the Bible.

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