In the last issue of MWS Online and the print version of MWS we reported on the move of the Holy Spirit taking place in Japan. So when we heard the news of the terrible earthquake and the tsunami that has taken place and as we worry about the nuclear power plants melting down, this not a distant abstract event but something that is happening to people who have become our brothers and sisters. The actual site of our Dunamis Equipping Event was on the Western side of the main island. The earth quake and tsunami hit the Eastern side or the Pacific Ocean side. (Think of the incredible devastation to China if it had hit the Western!)

But the pastors who attended the Dunamis Equipping were from all over Japan. Because of the disruptions in communications we have not been able to find out if everyone is safe.

Anyway, how do we pray? First we need to make sure that we do not get distracted from the work of prayer for the Middle East. At the same time let us pray that somehow God will use this terrible event and the loss of life to deepen the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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